Do We Still Need To Worry About HIV?

By : Becky | Published : Tuesday December 1, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Charlie Sheen's HIV positive revelation has met with mixed reactions. Some believe he deserved it for his hedonistic lifestyle, others feel bad that he's developed a serious illness. Either way, HIV has hit the headlines recently, and got everyone talking about whether HIV is still the terrifying death sentence it once was, or more of a manageable chronic illness. Let's take a look.

Asthma And Colds - How To Cope

By : Becky | Published : Wednesday November 18, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Colds are never a pleasant experience, but when you have asthma they can be fatal. Asthma kills three people every day in the UK. It's common and 'normalised' but that doesn't mean it isn't still a threat. Don't move this winter without your inhaler. Or any season for that matter.

Why Are Food Allergies Becoming More Common?

By : Becky | Published : Tuesday November 10, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
It seems that food allergies are the norm these days. Even children's party invitations come with an allergy box. This didn't seem to be the case twenty years ago, so what's going on? Have we all become weaklings? Has our environment changed so much it's poisoned us? Let's take a look.

How To Have A Healthy Halloween

By : Becky | Published : Friday October 30, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Is it possible to have a healthy Halloween? Of course it is! As with all things, it's about how you approach the subject. If you go in thinking it's all about sweets then you're setting yourself up for a horrendous diet-breaking incident more frightening that any warlock you might encounter.

Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

By : Becky | Published : Tuesday October 13, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
October 15th is 'Global Hand-Washing Day'. This campaign aims to increase awareness across the world of the importance of regularly washing your hands to prevent the spread of disease. In fact, campaigners say that 'hand-washing with soap is a do-it-yourself vaccine'.

Weird Things Stress Does To Your Body

By : Becky | Published : Wednesday September 30, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Stress not only gives you the miseries, massive intolerance issues, high blood pressure, and banging headaches, it can cause other, weirder symptoms too. Our brains are such a huge influence on our health that stress should not be taken lightly. Keep an eye out for these indicators that your stress levels are higher than Wonga's profit margins.

What Happens When You Quit Caffeine?

By : Becky | Published : Tuesday September 29, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Caffeine must be the number one addiction in the UK. I'm no statistician, but I don't know anyone who doesn't drink at least tea. By tea I mean builder's tea - not those flavoured witches-brew bags of filth. Do you know how much caffeine you drink? I drink three teas in the morning, then three teas in the afternoon, and one just before bed. Apart from the grammatical pleasure derived from typing 'three teas' that's not good is it?

High Blood Pressure FAQs

By : Becky | Published : Wednesday September 23, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
How much do you really know about blood pressure? Let's take a look. What Is High Blood Pressure? This refers to the force with which your blood is pounding against the walls of your arteries. If the pressure is too high it can put a strain on your heart and blood vessels. Think of a heavy British downpour bouncing off the ground, and what would happen in terms of erosion if it rained like that all the time… that's what high blood pressure does to...

How Baby Boomers Are Beating The Dementia Epidemic

By : Becky | Published : Tuesday September 22, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
It wasn't long ago we were warned that baby boomers would come of age, develop dementia and put a huge strain on families and the finances of Britain. But baby boomers appear to have swerved it. What's happened? Have they invented the pill of eternal youth, otherwise known as laughing a lot?

Why And How You Should Eat More Protein

By : Becky | Published : Thursday September 10, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Protein is the stuff of life. We need it for innumerable reasons. If your knowledge of protein is bit foggy from GCSE days, then read on.
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