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No Really, You Should Drink More Water

By : Anna | Published : Thursday April 16, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Are you getting enough to drink? If you're plagued by dry skin, headaches and low energy levels, you may be dehydrated and not even realize it. If you're reading while indignantly supping on a Coke, bear in mind that the quality of the liquid is also important.

How to prevent jet lag

By : Zaman | Published : Wednesday April 8, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Small image of business man flying Do you suffer from jet lag? You're not alone. Jet lag is an extremely common condition that can affect both adults and children when travelling, regardless of age or gender. Furthermore, preventing jet lag can often appear difficult, as there are no specific medications available that can fully cure the condition. However, there are various tips and treatments available that can help reduce the symptoms and impact of jet lag.

Forget The Gym: Try These Unusual Exercise Ideas

By : Anna | Published : Tuesday April 7, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
We all know the benefits of exercise but for many of us, it's finding the time to fit it into our day that we find challenging. And all the good intentions in the world can't force us to go to the gym if the very thought of doing so is unappealing.

Is It IBS Or Bowel Cancer? Don't Ignore These Symptoms

By : Anna | Published : Friday April 3, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Small image suffering from stomach cramps Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common, chronic condition of the digestive system, with symptoms including bloating, cramps, diarrhoea and constipation. It can be difficult to cope with, as the pain and other symptoms may affect your quality of life in various different ways. However, IBS is not life threatening and does not increase your risk of developing other bowel problems.

Where Is All The Health Tech For Kids?

By : Bryn | Published : Thursday April 2, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Being sick is never fun no matter what age you are, so isn't it time we started making it easier for children unfortunate enough to be going through illness? Some experts have a lot of faith in hope as a healer and there have been cases where people have recovered better because they've had a lighter time of it. Children's hospitals regularly invest in entertainment for the children they're treating, and it isn't for nothing.

Could Tea Save Your Life?

By : Bryn | Published : Wednesday April 1, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Tea is by far the UK's favourite drink. In fact, tea is practically a part of the family. Last week, though, there was a news story that suggested there is some risk in our tasty pick-me-up.

Does Stress Really Cause High Blood Pressure?

By : Zaman | Published : Friday March 27, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Small image of blood pressure test Stress is the feeling of overwhelming pressure both mentally and physically. Stress can stem from every day pressures that can arise from issues concerning both work and family. Stress can affect how you feel, work and behave. Symptoms of stress can include: sleeping problems, loss of appetite, muscle tension and head aches. However, do all these things actually lead to high blood pressure? Read more to find out.

Home Acne Treatments – Do they work?

By : Zaman | Published : Wednesday March 25, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Small image of woman looking at face in mirror Depending on the severity of your acne, non-medical acne treatment is the process of whereby you treat acne without the involvement of pharmaceutical and prescribed medications. Although the effectiveness of such treatments is open to debate, various non-medical acne treatments could help with reducing the effects of acne.

Swimming vs Running

By : Zaman | Published : Friday March 20, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
Image of lady measuring waist Should you be putting on your running shoes or goggles? Both are popular and great ways of keeping fit, but which one is more suited to you? This blog will look at benefits of both exercises and the effects they can have on your body.

Are Your Bad Habits Killing You?

By : Anna | Published : Thursday March 19, 2015 | Posted in : General Health
The saying 'old habits die hard' is rather apt when it comes to acknowledging the effect our choices have on our health and wellbeing. Many of us may want to make healthier decisions but often find ourselves struggling for time while we juggle a family, career and more.
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