Period Delay Treatments

Treatment for period delay mainly involves the use of artificial hormone treatments to prevent your period from starting when it normally would. These treatments can either include the use of regular combined oral contraceptives (the pill), or a dose of artificial progestogen known as Norethisterone. Period delay is helpful if you have a special occasion coming up, an important exam or a holiday, but is also helpful in treatment of other feminine healthy problems.

Women can often adjust how they would normally take their daily combined contraception, but for women who don't use a combined oral contraceptive. Norethisterone may be an alternative option to combined contraceptives as period delay treatments.

Prescription period delay treatments

There are two types of prescription medication that can be used for period delay: daily combined oral contraceptives like the pill or Norethisterone:

The pill - Combined oral contraceptives are able to provide you with effective contraceptive cover because they work in three ways. Firstly, they prevent ovulation. Secondly these treatments prevent the womb lining from growing like it normally would so that it's ready to receive an egg and thirdly, it blocks sperm from entering the womb, by thickening cervical mucus. When you are on a combined hormonal oral contraceptive, you don't experience your period, and the bleeding experienced once a month is known as a withdrawal bleed, which is when the body removes the contraceptive hormones from your system. If the pill is taken without a break, it can push this withdrawal bleed back until your next seven day break from the pill.

wockhardt Manufactured byNorethisterone
Image of Norethisterone 5mg 30 tablet packThis high dose progestogen treatment can push back your period by up to two weeks, as it encourages the body to hold on to the womb lining for a bit longer than it usually would, by mimicking your body's natural hormone levels. Your period normally starts when the womb lining is shed after the level of progestogen in your body drops, but keeping the level of progestogen steady, means that the womb lining will stay put until you stop taking these period delay treatments. Apart from period delay, Norethisterone is also used for the treatment of many different female health issues.
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Other benefits of period delay and period delay treatments

Delaying your period can also benefit you in other ways. This is why doctors sometimes recommend it to women who experience painful, heavy or prolonged periods. In addition to this, period delay methods may be prescribed if you experience disruptive premenstrual symptoms such as moodiness, depression, migraines or bloating before your period starts. The pill and Norethisterone, apart from working as period delay treatments, can also be helpful in providing relief from endometriosis, which is a condition where womb cells grow outside of the womb causing significant pain and discomfort.

Norethisterone is also used in the treatment of advanced breast cancer or heavy uterine or abdominal bleeding not associated with your normal menstrual cycle.

Ordering prescription period delay treatments online

Norethisterone can be ordered from OnlineClinic for the purposes of period delay; however, to make sure that you can safely use it, we ask that you complete a quick and completely confidential online consultation form. The information you provide will help our doctor evaluate you suitability to the treatment. If they approve your consultation, a prescription will be issued and passed on to our registered pharmacy, where it will be dispensed and shipped via overnight delivery.