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Prempak-C is a conjugated oestrogen and progestogen medication used in the treatment of menopause symptoms. It contains norgestrel, which is a synthetic type of progestogen and conjugated oestrogens, which is very similar to the oestrogen that naturally occurs in the body. The oestrogen in this treatment is the main ingredient and aids relief from menopause symptoms such as vaginal itching, vaginal dryness, hot flushes, irregular periods and night sweats while progestogen maintains endometrial health.

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What are the benefits of using Prempak-C? How does Prempak-C work? Who can take Prempak-C? What dosages are available? How is Prempak-C taken? Are there any side effects? Is Prempak-C available online?
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"Hormone replacement therapy can be very helpful to women who are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms of the menopause."

Prempak C Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Prempak-C?

Prempak C is a combination menopause treatment that can alleviate symptoms such as night sweats, hot flushes, irregular periods, headaches and mood swings with regular use. It also significantly lowers a women’s risk of osteoporosis, which is often higher as a result of hormonal changes during menopause. As Prempak-C also contains progestogen, it’s able to maintain the health of the womb lining better, which is often at an elevated risk of developing endometrial cancer.

How does Prempak-C work?

Prempak-C contains conjugated oestrogen, which is a natural form of oestrogen that works to alleviate most of the symptoms associated with falling oestrogen levels by replacing them. However, taking oestrogen on its own can cause the womb lining to grow, which can increase the risk of cancer if this growth is not monitored by progestogen. This is the purpose of norgestrel as part of this HRT treatment.

Who can take Prempak-C?

Prempak-C is mostly prescribed to women who have not had a hysterectomy, but are experiencing the symptoms commonly associated with menopause. As it’s a hormone treatment it’s strictly not recommended to women who have issues with blood clotting, have a history of breast cancer or oestrogen-dependent cancers or who are particularly sensitive to the active ingredients in this medication.

What dosages are available?

Prempak-C comes in two different doses: 625mcg and 1.25mg. The 625mcg pack has 28 maroon tablets with just conjugated oestrogen and 12 light brown tablets with 150mcg norgesterel.

The higher dose pack contains 28 yellow tablets with a 1.25mg dose of conjugated oestrogen and 12 light brown tablets with 150mcg progestogen norgesterel.

How is Prempak-C taken?

If you have not had a hysterectomy and you are taking Prempak-C, you are likely to experience a monthly bleed. This is because you take different hormones at different points during your 28 day monthly cycle. The maroon tablets should be taken throughout the 28 days without any breaks, but accompanied by the brown tablets from days 17 to 28. It’s important to avoid skipping any tablets and you should start your course on the first day of your period.

Are there any side effects?

HRT medications carry with them a risk of side effects, just like all prescription medications, but it doesn’t mean that they will affect everybody. Side effects that have been reported include bloating, changes in sex drive, fluid retention, indigestion, nausea or fluid retention. You may also experience backache or acne. These side effects shouldn’t be long lasting, but if they bother you or you experience anything particularly worrying, you should seek medical advice.

Is Prempak-C available online?

OnlineClinic provides a safe way to order your HRT treatment online, provided that you already use this medication. Simply ensure that you complete the online consultation form that makes up part of the ordering process as thoroughly as possible. This will allow one of our doctors to evaluate your suitability to use this medication and to approve a consultation. If you can safely use this treatment, a prescription will be approved and passed to our pharmacy, from where your treatment will be shipped directly to you.

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