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Asthma Treatments

Asthma can't be cured, but with the help of prescription treatments it can be controlled so that it's less likely that attacks will happen or be particularly dangerous if they do occur. Although treatments can range from inhaled products to steroid injections and tablets, the most commonly used method to help keep asthma under control are inhalers such as Ventolin.

When you are first diagnosed with asthma, your doctor should help you develop a step-by-step asthma action plan so that you know what asthma treatments you should take and when you should seriously consider seeking help. Asthma treatments either come in the form of a preventer or reliever; one is taken to stop an attack from happening while the other can be used to provide relief while an attack is happening. Preventers work by stopping swelling and inflammation from occurring and are usually steroid type medications, while relievers help to open and relax the airways to allow air to move more freely into the lungs.

Inhaled asthma treatments

Although one particular type of inhaler springs to mind when thinking about asthma treatments, there are actually many different inhaled treatments that can be used depending on a person's condition or when the attack takes place.


Puffers are the signature asthma inhalers that contain compressed medication such as Ventolin (beta 2 agonist salbutamol), which can be inhaled when released. They are mostly considered to be relievers but preventer medication can also be supplied to the body with the help of a puffer device.

Powder inhalers

Both reliever and preventer medications can be administered with the help of a dry powder inhaler. The inhaler breaks a small powder capsule of medication when it's activated, which will then be inhaled.


This type of asthma treatment is mostly used to provide relief in the case of an asthma attack. It works by creating an extremely fine mist of reliever medication that is then supplied to a person's mouth through a mouthpiece that is connected to the nebuliser. Nebulisers are often used in cases where children are too small to be able use an inhaler themselves.


Spacers can be helpful in delivering inhaled medication to your system, because they deliver a large amount of medication directly into your airways when it's difficult for you to control your breathing during an asthma attack. Spacers deliver medication to your system through a special two chamber device.

Injections and tablets as an asthma treatment

Steroid injections or tablets can be considered when a person is experiencing a serious attack. These asthma treatments work to reduce inflammation of the airways to help ease breathing and may be administered until a person's condition has stabilised.

Omalizumab is a relatively new treatment to help reduce a person's susceptibility to asthma triggers in their environment, but it's not often recommended and is usually reserved for those who find that they experience serious attacks quite regularly.

Leukotriene receptor antagonists and theophylline tablets can also be recommended to people who require additional preventative asthma treatment to supplement the use of inhaled treatments.

Alternative asthma treatments

Some people believe that the use of homeopathic remedies and acupuncture can be helpful to make asthma attacks less likely. Some people also find that they benefit from dietary changes and breathing exercises; however none of these have been conclusively proven.

Can you buy asthma treatments online?

Ventolin is available online an as asthma treatment from OnlineClinic, but as it's a prescription medication, we ask that you complete an online consultation when you place your order and that you only order it if it's been recommended to you buy your doctor. All the information you provide will be treated with complete confidence and will only be used by our doctor to evaluate your suitability for a prescription. If a prescription is granted, it will be sent to our pharmacy where your medication will be shipped for delivery as soon as possible. You will not be charged if your order is not approved.

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