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Are You A Mosquito Target?

Posted in Travel Health 01 Sep, 2015

Is there anyone on the planet who likes mosquitoes? Perhaps the shareholders of Deet products do, but I doubt anyone appreciates or values a mosquito if there is no monetary gain to be had. I...Read more

Everything You Should Know About Malaria

Posted in Travel Health 16 Jun, 2015

Remember that time Cheryl came down with malaria on the X Factor? It just goes to show malaria is alive and kicking; even though you may think it only happens in the jungle or the wild African...Read more

How To Stay Healthy When Travelling

Posted in Travel Health 30 Aug, 2014

While some of you are dragging yourselves and the kids home for the start of term, others are just now jetting off to escape the end-of-summer blues. You’ve undoubtedly remembered to organise...Read more