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Can Gadgets Make You Fit?

Posted in E-Health & Technology 06 Jul, 2015

Let's make like George Orwell and cut through the rubbish. If you want to be fit you must eat well, quit smoking, and exercise. A gadget cannot do that for you, but what it can do is support you through the hideous process.

Let's see how gadgets can help us lazy people.

Stand Up Desk

If like me you have backache from sitting at a desk all day, you may find a stand-up desk beneficial. I know one of life's greatest pleasures is to sit down, but research proves it's bad for you. Standing up helps you burn an extra 50 calories an hour. Plus, if your boss walks past you'll look more professional. Standing people always look busy. Trying not to collapse makes you frown with concentration. It's a win/win set up.

Wearable Activity Tracker

These gadgets tell you when it's time to move, a bit like the magazine security guards in WH Smith. Trackers measure your daily steps and calories burned, but more than this, they are a guilty reminder that you haven't gotten enough exercise. How many steps a day gets you fit? 10,000? I need to get out more. Some of the more expensive activity trackers measure your heart rate too, so you can stay in the fat-burning zone. This is not a traditional British BBQ on the patio, but the rate at which you burn calories and do yourself the most good.

Smartphone Apps

There is an app for everything these days, and exercise is no exception. Couch to 5k apps reckon they can even get Jabba the Hut fit by organising a run schedule that fits in with his life. It's a bit awkward to carry your phone on a run, but then everyone I know does, just in case there's an emergency. An emergency like needing a pizza delivered to your half-dead form on the pavement.

Heavy Mug

This is my favourite fitness gadget. Fill it with tea (no sugar thanks) and lift. Try swapping hands with each fresh cup so you achieve balanced muscle tone on each arm.

Smart Scales

Smart Scales track weight changes and monitor your BMI, all through your current wifi set-up. They even upload activity levels to your smartphone for free. That's a bit more impressive than those dust covered 'half a stone under' scales you have in the bathroom.

Helmet Cameras

For those who like cycling but worry about white van man, a helmet camera is a great fitness gadget. It'll capture any confrontations for police use, and if you see a funny squirrel, then you've got something to put on YouTube.

The great news about fitness gadgets is that you can turn them off. They don't drain you of cash and shout like personal trainers, they don't smell like the gym, and if you really hate it you can get your money back on eBay. If you are only motivated by IT, then fitness gadgets may save you from diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Who knows, perhaps in the future we'll have projected holographic Terminators to chase us. That really would get me moving.

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