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The Best Health & Fitness Trackers To Use In 2015

Posted in General Health 21 Jan, 2015

The New Year – or the post-Christmas recovery month, as I like to call it – is a time of change for many people, and even if it isn't one of your New Year's Resolutions (how's yours going, by the way?) there's a good chance that losing weight is on your mind in the aftermath of the December binge. Today, with only about 32% of people in the UK deemed to have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), it's never been more important to start tracking your health. To me, there are few things better for your fitness than proper guidance, so we've put together some reviews for just a few of the most helpful fitness tracking apps and gadgets.

1. MyFitnessPal is an app that has been recognised in a lot of reviews as a helpful aid to tracking your fitness. With an average review of five stars on iTunes, the simple and handy app is one that you can use to effectively change your diet and exercise habits. Perhaps the best thing about the app is its search-and-enter nature and, aside from anything else, there is something hugely satisfying about keeping track of your food and exercise in a simple but helpful table. The design of the app, combined with the weight loss or gain goal that you set when you start using it, quickly works to make you want to input the right foods and activities into your daily diary.

2. The Fitbit Charge is a wearable technology that brings a new level of data to your exercise. Working together with apps (including the MyFitnessPal app and Fitbit's own selection of apps), the Fitbit Charge brings immediacy to your health tracking. Programmed to keep track of your physical wellbeing – from sleep and waking up, to footsteps and workouts – the device constantly updates to provide you with detailed feedback on your fitness activities. Mixing functionality with fashion, the Fitbit Charge is a good looking watch, with the added bonus of upscaling your fitness habits.

3. The BeFit App is a great way to track your diet using an in-depth food system. The desktop app allows you to not only track your calories, but also to track the nutritional qualities of each individual part of your meal. Removing the need for guesswork that comes with some other apps, BeFit helps you to finely tune your diet to make sure that you lose, gain or maintain weight in the right way. Tracking your food on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is unlikely to be more in-depth with any other app on the market.

4. The Up Move from Jawbone is perfect you're looking for a bit of fitness tech that works for less money. A simple device that can clip onto your clothing or be worn on the wrist, the gadget syncs with Jawbone's UP app to relay step counts and sleep patterns to you. Though it isn't quite as nice to look at as some of Jawbone's other products, the Up Move makes up for that by being easy to use and practical on a smaller budget.

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