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Could Tea Save Your Life?

Posted in General Health 01 Apr, 2015

Tea is by far the UK's favourite drink. In fact, tea is practically a part of the family. Last week, though, there was a news story that suggested there is some risk in our tasty pick-me-up. Thankfully, the team at Yorkshire Tea stepped in and reminded us that, in fact, there are also a huge number of health benefits in that steaming mug. So tea lovers, this one is for you!

Tea Contains Antioxidants

Just like the varnish you put on furniture or the rust cover you'll throw over your bike, tea can help protect your body from the effects of time and also from damage caused by pollution. Although it's not a shortcut to guaranteed better health, it can't hurt to enjoy this benefit.

Tea Has Less Caffeine Than Coffee

Coffee can raise your blood pressure and has been linked with a variety of conditions. Possible side effects range from short-term issues like headaches and nausea to long-term conditions like type 2 diabetes. Tea is far less dangerous and… well… it just tastes nicer too.

Tea Might Prevent Heart Disease

According to a study from the Netherlands, people drinking two or more black teas a day are 70% less likely to develop heart problems than non-tea drinkers. The theory goes that this is because tea helps the blood vessels to relax. And, as we all know, a nice cuppa can calm you down almost instantaneously.

Tea Bolsters The Immune System

Again, we're not suggesting that you take tea in place of medicines but, according to a study, our favourite beverage can help bolster the immune system. 21 volunteers drank five cups of tea every day for four weeks and, by the end, researchers measured an increase in their immune system activity.

Tea Protects Against Cancer

Regularly drinking tea is definitely one of the more pleasant ways to boost your cancer defences. This happens thanks to polyphenols, the aforementioned antioxidants. Whilst studies haven't yet reached any bulletproof conclusions, early research has certainly shown that there is a potential cancer-fighting property in tea.

If you live in the UK, chances are you'll be offered a cuppa at least weekly – if you don't normally say yes, then maybe consider starting. It isn't much effort and the benefits could be huge. As always, though, in the spirit of good medical practice, we advise that you only buy tea from a reputable brand

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