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What Does Your Sweet Tooth Cost This Easter?

Posted in General Health 02 Apr, 2015

This Easter marks not only a bank holiday weekend for many across the UK, but also a celebratory occasion for those who happen to follow the religious occasion. As a period where most kids are off due to their school Easter holidays and parents are home through the bank holiday weekend, this Easter is certain to bring many families together, as well as many treats to say the least.

For some, this period is dreaded as the 'weight gaining' section of the year they so badly wanted to avoid. The increased flow of sweets, chocolates and baked goods is sure to send some into a resentful tangent after doing so well with their new years resolution – " I must be lean by summer". When it comes to losing weight or staying at a healthy weight range, the advice is usually simple. Consume less or the same calories that you burn and you won't gain weight. Seems easy, right? Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Even the smallest of snacks can contain high amounts of calories and unhealthy saturates, making it harder to lose those few dreaded pounds.

As the Easter weekend approaches, we've drawn up a list of popular Easter treats, and what you'd have to do, to work them off. Who knows, it may even prevent you from eating as much.

Cadburys Heroes Easter Egg (274g)

At around 950 calories altogether, this egg package contains extremely tasty treats that will set you back around 4 hours worth of walking; or if you would prefer a one and a half hour intense Zumba workout. This could be enough to cover your Easter egg craving

Hot cross buns (100g)

If you would prefer something a little bit different, an hour of Tai chi is effective at expelling the flow of 290 worth of caloric energy from your body. Alternatively, if you prefer some 'catch up' time with your partner in the bedroom, then a superhuman stamina of almost 90mins would suffice in burning of that bun.

Lindt Gold Chocolate bunny (100g)

This popular and very tasty little bunny can pack a punch, providing around 550 calories per 100g consumed. Fortunately if you like swimming, about an hour of it would work wonders at leaving this treat at the deep end.

Mr Kipling's Easter Lemon Bakewell Tarts (100g)

430 calories does not seem like much, but taking into account that it would only take about a minute to scoff these tasty tarts, it would unfortunately take around an hour of running about with a football believing you're the next big thing to get rid of the lemony goodness of these.

Now we aren't saying you should have an easter egg in one hand as you bolt out the front door to burn it off. Ensuring that you eat a balanced diet and exercising as part of your weekly routine is essential in keeping an ideal weight, so even if you do have a little blip during the Easter break, it is unlikely to have much of an impact on your overall health. Trying your best to regularly exercise and eating the correct foods mean you won't have to feel guilty whenever Easter or even Christmas comes around.

If you would like more information regarding weight loss and medical help available, check out our information page.

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