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6 Facts About High Blood Pressure

Posted in General Health 13 Mar, 2015

1. – How many people actually suffer from high blood pressure?

In the UK alone it is estimated that as many as 7 million people suffer from high blood pressure with many possibly unaware that they may even have the condition. Furthermore, it is estimated that a staggering 1 billion people around the world also suffer from high blood pressure.

2. – How dangerous is high blood pressure?

Often referred to as the 'silent killer' high blood pressure can be fatal as there often no outwards symptoms or warnings which then leaves many people unaware of whether they are suffering from the threatening condition or not.

Moreover, those that suffer from high blood pressure are also more likely to develop diabetes. This is why it extremely important to have your blood pressure checked regularly to ensure you are not at risk of developing high blood pressure.

3. – Is high blood pressure genetic?

It is true that genetic factors do play a part in high blood pressure the same way they do in heart disease and other such related conditions. Moreover, if you are African-Caribbean then you are also more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

4. – Does salt really affect my blood pressure?

It is believed that roughly 30% of high blood pressure cases is a result of consuming too much salt. Simply changing your level of salt in-take can help to drastically reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure.

5. – Does my gender have an impact on my blood pressure?

Although men and woman are equally at risk of developing high blood pressure during their lifetime, interestingly, men before the age of 45 are more likely to suffer from this condition whilst woman after the age of 65 are then more likely to develop high blood pressure.

6. – Can high blood pressure affect children?

One of the most common perceptions regarding high blood is that it only affects older people when in actual fact it can also affect children and even babies. In babies, it is often caused by a premature birth or other heart and kidney issues.

To find out more about high blood pressure and the steps you can take to help manage this condition, click here.

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