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How To Have A Healthy Halloween

Posted in General Health 30 Oct, 2015

Is it possible to have a healthy Halloween?

Of course it is! As with all things, it's about how you approach the subject. If you go in thinking it's all about sweets then you're setting yourself up for a horrendous diet-breaking incident more frightening that any warlock you might encounter.

Let's take a look.

Remain Calm!

Being frightened out of your wits may lead to massive sugar intake. I know that after watching The Blair Witch Project or listening to the budget reforms I've needed at least three cups of tea and five KitKats to recover. Avoid this by leaving the TV firmly off and reading a nice novel instead.

But what about the FOOD?!

Ghost Banana: These are easy and fun. Cut a banana in half and use chocolate chips to make the eyes and an open mouth. If you've got some lolly sticks to hold them with you can freeze them as an alternative to ice cream.

Strawberry Ghosts: Dip strawberries into white chocolate and use chocolate chips for eyes and mouths. Leave the green stalk on for crazy hair.

Tangerine Pumpkins: peel a tangerine, stick a piece of celery in the top and you've got a mini pumpkin. I guess you can also do this with orange-hued cheese.

Cheese Broomsticks: Oh yes. Take a breadstick/Twiglet/pretzel and push it into one end of some string cheese - you know the 'Peelable cheese' things. Then cut into the cheese to make it look 'twiggy'. Tie the cheese on with some chives and it looks fab.

Walnuts: Plain old walnuts look like brains and they are good for your brain. Coincidence? These weird-looking nuts are full of omega fatty acids and vitamins. Drizzle some raspberry juice on top for special effect blood.

Raisins: They look like rabbit poo. A big bowl of raisins with a toy rabbit sat on them and you're in childish sniggering nirvana.

Green Smoothies: A green-coloured drink always looks like slime, no matter how much you try to kid yourself.

Popcorn: Unsweetened popcorn is pretty low in calories. Instead of terrorising your neighbours why not turn out the lights and watch a ghost film? Make it Casper, not Paranormal Activity (see my first point about remaining calm) and munch on a big bowl of popcorn.

If you must have chocolate and sweets...

Cadburys Screme eggs have 170 calories and they are quite big. Plus you have to unwrap them individually, so you'll be taking notice of how much you consume. When it comes to sweets, Skittles are a good option.

Halloween games

Bobbing for apples is always fun. You remember, it's the game you played before turning it into 'bobbing for lager'. It's probably safer than dressing up like a sexy witch and freezing your parts off. If you must reveal loads of Halloween skin, at least wear a thermal vest and gloves. Good Lord, I'm getting old.

Just a quick reminder about Halloween safety

Stay in groups, don't let your kids wander off and check what they are given to eat by strangers. If you can, pre-arrange visits with other parents. Make sure you avoid houses with elderly folk or those who have the curtains drawn and lights out, and only knock once. Halloween can be frightening for lone residents for all the wrong reasons. So be kind, or the witches will come for you.

Bwhahahahahah! Sorry - I got carried away.

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