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The Rise of Online Healthcare

Posted in General Health 28 Jan, 2014

With new technological advances being made everyday, this blog will look at the evolution of online healthcare and how it is being carefully monitored to help benefit us in our everyday lives.

The notion of ‘online healthcare’ is a much-debated topic, and rightly so, as the dangers of purchasing medication without an actual prescription or correct consultation process are very real. However, the idea of being able to manage one’s health without the need to book an appointment and wait at the doctor’s has been seen as the driving force behind the rise of online healthcare.

Is it safe?

Fortunately, there are governing bodies in place to try and help ensure that this upsurge in online healthcare is being managed vigilantly and patient safety is at the core of such developments. The MHRA have published the following video to show the dangers that are associated with buying medications from unlicensed and unregulated market places online:

Further information on buying medication safely online can also be found by visiting the MHRA website .

What advances are being made?

Alongside the advances being made in online healthcare, the mobile industry is also contributing to a rapid rise in the online health industry, where the weight loss industry alone is estimated to be worth $20 billion, as pointed out by this ABC News study .

Furthermore, with Apple and Android’s continued battle for mobile dominance, they have begun to expand in to healthcare market by creating new technologies that are contributing to innovative and improved ways to monitor aspects of your health without necessarily having to book an appointment at your local GP. Medical Economics points out that:

“Apple’s latest versions of the iPhone 5 allow for healthcare technology developers to have a field day with its M7 coprocessor. The M7 can detect motion, so applications that monitor the running, walking, driving, and sedentary lifestyles of its users are more sensitive and can measure more accurately.”

Apple’s advances in the medical field have even led to them create a whole new section in their app store with dedicated “apps for healthcare professionals”. Phillip Schiller, Apple’s vice president of world wide marketing, also explained that “with new software and applications, you are going to get a whole new level of health and fitness solutions never before possible on a mobile phone.”

The NHS are also offering an app library that has been reviewed and verified by medical experts to ensure that such apps are safe to use and engage with to help monitor your health.

So what is the future of online healthcare?

With the health industry developing at such a rapid rate and mobile companies creating new technologies and with 3D technologies already in the making, the rise of online healthcare looks set to continue into a whole new dimension.

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