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‘Spare Tyre' May Dangerously Raise Your Blood Pressure

Posted in General Health 11 Sep, 2014

A cold pint of beer and pack of peanuts in the pub can offer a way to bond with mates. Enjoying a snack or two is customary while watching sports; celebrating triumphs and bemoaning defeats. Nevertheless, if your bulging waistline has started to resemble a beer belly, you may soon be looking at that lager in your hand with regret.

Not only does abdominal fat look unappealing in beach photos it’s the worst kind of fat to have for your health. That classic “spare tyre” actually churns out proteins and hormones, which increase LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise blood pressure.

Show me the research

New research published earlier this month in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology revealed that fat in the lower abdominal area significantly boosts a patient’s odds for high blood pressure, more so than all-over body fat.

Everybody knows that obesity gives you higher blood pressure, but it wasn’t quite clear how the location of fat in your body affects the condition. The researchers from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center tracked over 900 people for 7 years. The participants were examined for fat situated deep in the abdomen, fat located around the whole body and lower body fat.

What did they find?

Fat located deep in the abdomen was linked to higher blood pressure. This association was present irrespective of gender, age or race, the researchers revealed. The strongest link between high blood pressure and abdominal fat was seen with fat situated around the kidney region. This is influencing the development of high blood pressure, Dr Asian Turer noted. He added, “this new finding could open new avenues for the prevention and management of hypertension.”

The Harsh Reality

Having a beer belly is not the staple of a loyal England fan and neither is it all down to having a beer belly gene. Even though the gene theory sounds like the perfect vindication for men who are struggling to cut down on food intake, evidence is circumstantial.

Health professionals know that men with apple-shaped bodies, who carry excess fat around their stomach, are at a higher risk of ill health than their counterparts who store fat elsewhere. Those carrying a spare tyre are more prone to developing heart disease too.

The sedentary, office-centred lifestyle of many people, coupled with a desire for greasy rubbish, is often blamed for the average waistline of the British citizen expanding by around 3.5 inches over the last 3 decades.

Apple-shaped people need to get their act together before their health turns pear-shaped.

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