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Tap Vs. Bottled Water: Which Is Best?

Posted in General Health 24 Jun, 2015

We're constantly encouraged to drink more water by health experts, but is it best to drink bottled water, or is the wet stuff from the kitchen tap OK? You'd think that bottled water would be better for you, given that tap water is 1p for ten litres while 500ml of bottled water sells for an average of £1- but that's not necessarily the case.

Tap Water Is Better

Safety First

Tap water in the UK is one of the world's safest and most stringently tested. Many experts believe that it's better for your safety and your wallet. Local tap water in less developed countries might not be safe, but in the UK we have no worries about our drinking water safety.

Plastic Chemicals

Bisphenal A, otherwise known as BPA, is found in the plastic of drinking water bottles. Although it's classed as safe, ingesting chemicals is never a good idea. It's been linked to tooth enamel decay, increasing obesity and the ruin of your sex life.

Consumers don't know how long their expensive water has sat in BPA bottles before its transportation across the globe to sit in supermarkets.


Sweetened and flavoured water is not good for you. It increases your chances of obesity, rots your teeth and plays havoc with blood sugar. Flavour your water with lemon, lime and mints leaves instead.

Bottled Is Best

Avoid Second Hand Water - Urgh

One of the biggest draw of bottled water is that it hasn't passed through the bladders of 7 people before you take a sip. After all, tap water is recycled over and over again.

It Tastes Better

Even without sweeteners, bottled water certainly tastes different from tap water. Its taste varies with the mineral content. Water from deep sources will contain more silica, potassium and sodium, which are tastier than chlorine.

It Has Minerals

Minerals found in bottled water are beneficial to your health, for example calcium, which helps the nervous system, blood pressure and boosts our teeth and bones.

It's Safe

There's a magnitude of testing performed on water to ensure its safety. Natural mineral or spring water is subject to EU regulations and labelling here in the UK.

So Which Is Best? Tap Or Bottled?

Well, it seems to me that tap water may have the edge, simply because there's no risk from BPA and it's a lot cheaper - meaning you can drink more without selling your soul. Coca-Cola, Nestlé and PepsiCo make 74 billion dollars from the bottled water market each year, so many of you obviously disagree with me.

Hold on a second before you go and blow your wages on some bottled water though, because 1/3 of water sold in the UK supermarkets is tap water processed into bottles. This is simply called 'bottled water'. Look out for 'spring' or 'natural mineral' water if you don't want to pay up of a £1 for 500mls of tap water.

Whichever you choose to drink, make sure you do drink it and stay hydrated, especially in the hotter months. You'll feel better and look healthier too.

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