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Top Travel Health Tips You Need For Every Trip

Posted in General Health 26 Apr, 2015

For some it's the prospect of flying and for others it's the prospect of creepy crawlies - whatever it is though, there are a number of fears and concerns that people have to think about before they go on holiday. It can be as simple as packing sunglasses, or as complicated as getting insurance, but in any case, we're sure that our checklist can help take a load off the mind of the anxious traveler.

Hot Weather?

If you're travelling somewhere hot, then it's vital that you pack accordingly. There is a whole host of heat related issues that a person can suffer from when they're travelling in a country where they're unused to the climate. It's not only about getting sun cream to protect your skin, it's also about packing light clothing so that you can avoid the heatstroke and tiredness that can very easily accompany ill-suited clothing choices. We're not just talking about fashion; we're talking about staying safe too!

Cold Weather?

It's the same principle as the one above, but dressing responsibly is vital in any climate. It isn't just about sun protection, and making sure that you don't succumb to chilly weather is just as important as making sure you're safe from UV. Prepare correctly and, if you know you're going to be experiencing temperatures that are colder than you are used to, plan for it. Packing an extra coat and scarf might not be the most exciting holiday prep, but it can be the most important.

Illness risks?

There are a lot of places that a person can visit where they might be exposed to illnesses or conditions that their body will not be able to combat. Malaria, for example, is a big risk factor in many African nations that travellers from Europe or the US are unlikely to have been exposed to before . It's important that, when you are travelling abroad, you know what illnesses you need to be vaccinated against. It's also worth doing research to ensure that when you travel there are not any other, less common illnesses that you should be aware of.

Can you drink the water (and other worthwhile checks)

In the UK we take it for granted that water from the taps is for drinking. What's interesting is that, in fact, this is not the case in many countries across – not only the less-developed world – but also Europe and the US too. Check before you travel, whether it's safe to drink the water, as you may need to take a water filter with you. It might also be worth looking into foods in the area. It sounds odd, but some cultures do use ingredients that might be dangerous. Certain foods in the Asian cuisine, for example, have to be cooked in a vey specific way – if they are not, they can be poisonous. Professional chefs are likely to be the best source of food abroad, and it's definitely worth doing a little research to make sure that the 'special dish' you're going to cook for the first time is special for the right reasons.

Avoid the jet lag!

Jet lag is the bane of the traveler, and it isn't alone in the world of unwanted illnesses - there are a variety of conditions that can ruin a journey. Preparing for your trip by stocking up on the necessary items is the best way to avoid the conditions you'd prefer to avoid.

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