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Weird Things Stress Does To Your Body

Posted in General Health 30 Sep, 2015

Stress not only gives you the miseries, massive intolerance issues, high blood pressure, and banging headaches, it can cause other, weirder symptoms too. Our brains are such a huge influence on our health that stress should not be taken lightly. Keep an eye out for these indicators that your stress levels are higher than Wonga's profit margins.

You Shrink

Yeah, we shrink as we get older, but stress adds to this problem. When you are upright gravity pulls you down. Your spine squashes out the fluid between each vertebrae. Stress, although with his BFF Muscle Tension, squeezes them harder. The result is shrinkage. Even more reason to have a lie down at lunchtime.

And It Shrinks Your Brain Too

It's thought that stress increases proteins that slow your brain's synapses growth. Synapses are the junctions that transfer messages around. This leads to loss of pre-frontal cortex - the decision-making part. Have you ever been under so much stress you can't think straight? That'll be the synapses wading through muddy proteins. It may even be related to Alzheimer's.

Makes Your Ears Ring

No, you haven't played Hybrid Theory too loudly again, stress can make your ears ring. A Swedish study indicated that 39% of men experienced ringing ears when dealing with a stressful situation. Experts think it's because hormones stimulate your ear's cochlear receptor.


Experiencing fury when an excuse for a human fails to indicate left at a busy roundabout can cause a nosebleed. It's thought that the rise in blood pressure is responsible. Top tip for the day: Don't wash any blood stained clothing with hot water because it seals in blood.

It Can Make You Vomit

Worried sick? Vomiting and dry heaving can be conjured up by stress. It can remain with you long term too, with the urge appearing at the same time each day. This is known as cyclic vomiting syndrome. It's also brought on by the sudden and unannounced appearance of Katie Hopkins on This Morning.

It Can Make Your Hair Fall Out

Never mind going grey overnight, stress can induce alopecia areata, a condition in which your white blood cells attack hair follicles. Other hair loss conditions are affected by stress too, such as telogen effluvium - a sudden massive hair loss. Both can happen months after the stress was experienced.

It Makes You Itch

Stress is bad for us long term because it changes how our brains process 'itch control'. It can cause skin problems such as rashes. It's a trigger for psoriasis and eczema too.


Is there no end to stress's indignities? Not only does it turn your bowels to liquid, it's thought that stress over-stimulates intestinal regulation which can mean nausea and irritation in your stomach.

The weird symptoms above are not much fun for sure, but stress can also bring on serious conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and depression. Don't end up in a state more critical than the time the caps lock key broke in the Daily Mail office. Your symptoms need to be managed if they can't be eliminated.

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