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Cholesterol - Are We Worrying Too Much, Or Not Enough?

Posted in Nutrition 16 Sep, 2015

I know doctors get a bit jumpy about high levels of cholesterol, and the Flora adverts are always terrifying us into eating their filth, so it must be important right? Well yes it is important, but...Read more

Brits Are Cutting Down On Sugar, Here's How To Do It Yourself

Posted in Nutrition 02 Sep, 2015

Sugar tastes so good. Sugar is so bad for you. It so unfair! Just like a charge to take your own money from your own bank account. But it seems that us Brits are finally taking the 'new tobacco'...Read more

Great News! Carbs Are Making A Comeback

Posted in Nutrition 26 Aug, 2015

Low calorie carbs? No such thing. EXCEPT THERE ARE! Hold on Dr Atkins – why didn't you tell us? Seems like low calorie carbs have been the subject to a treasure hunt in recent years. We do...Read more

Nutritionists Don't Eat These, So Why Do You?

Posted in Nutrition 08 Jul, 2015

Hey - stop right there - don't eat that snack until you've read this. I'm serious. Here's an oxymoron for you - good food tastes bad, and bad food tastes good. OK, I'm generalising but you get...Read more

What Can Turmeric Do For You?

Posted in Nutrition 10 Jun, 2015

Using food as medicine has really caught on in the past decade. We've all heard that eating more fruit and vegetables, drinking probiotic yogurts and spreading certain margarines on toast will...Read more

Are You Kidding Yourself That Your Diet Is Healthy?

Posted in Nutrition 03 Jun, 2015

The majority of us think that we eat healthily. So why are two thirds of the population overweight? Are we kidding ourselves or do we really not know what healthy is anymore? It doesn't help...Read more