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The 4 Best Healthy Snacks To Eat At Work

Posted in Nutrition 10 Dec, 2014

If you find yourself eating crisps, biscuits and chocolates while drinking an endless supply of tea or coffee at work, you need to change your snacking habits. The odd packet of crisps or chocolate bar will likely do you no harm, but if you're binge eating these foods between meals, you're going to lose control of your weight.

If you're fed up of eating junk food or are struggling to find healthier alternatives, ones that are easy to prepare and stock, then read on.

Tuna with sweetcorn and mayo

There are about 25 grams of protein and 111 calories in one can of tuna, making it a healthy source of protein. Simply add a small tablespoon of reduced fat mayonnaise and a handful of fresh sweetcorn to a bowl of tuna and enjoy a protein packed, almost fat-free snack. Opt for the tuna cans which contain water, not sunflower or vegetable oil. Though it's tempting to add big dollops of mayonnaise to the tuna, don't do this, otherwise you'll be adding unwanted calories.

Crisp breads with low fat cheese spread

Crisp and rye breads pack a great nutritional punch. They have a low calorie count and are high in fibre. These crunchy, light snacks are a healthy alternative to eating sandwiches. Try out this food combination: before you head to work, make long strands of carrot and cucumber using a vegetable peeler and put them in a plastic container. Add a few spoonfuls of hummus to another container. During your mid morning or afternoon work break, put these ingredients onto the crisp bread and enjoy a hearty snack. Another easy to prepare meal is spinach leaves and low fat cheese spread onto rye bread.

Peanut butter with bananas

At your local supermarket, you'll usually find a wide variety of peanut butters. Pick one that has no added oil, salt or sugar - look for ranges that only contain peanuts, preferably the 'Whole Earth' range. This type of peanut butter is another great snack alternative, containing healthy fats and plenty of fibre. Here's a recipe to prepare the next time you get a junk food craving – peanut butter and chopped bananas. Add some low fat Greek yoghurt to the combination and you'll have a sweet, creamy serving of food.

Dried fruit mix

Don't keep satisfying your sweet tooth with refined sugars from sweets, fizzy drinks and chocolate. While some food manufacturers claim to only add fructose, the natural sugar found in fruit, they often bulk up their products with other rubbish, such as artificial sweeteners, syrup and flavourings. So stick to dried fruit, a quick and tasty alternative, which offers more nutritional value. A packet of dried fruit is very convenient to snack on during a hectic, fast paced day at work. Just don't eat the whole packet in one go unless you want to spend all day at work on the toilet.

The next time you get a craving for food before lunch or dinner, try out these four healthy snacks rather than mindlessly munching away on junk food. Once you get into the habit of buying and preparing nutritious snacks during the week, you'll find it a whole lot easier. And most importantly, you'll feel more energetic and productive at work.

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