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Brits Are Cutting Down On Sugar, Here's How To Do It Yourself

Posted in Nutrition 02 Sep, 2015

Sugar tastes so good. Sugar is so bad for you. It so unfair! Just like a charge to take your own money from your own bank account. But it seems that us Brits are finally taking the 'new tobacco' sugar warnings seriously. In fact, research shows that 62% of consumers are looking to lower their sugar intake.

I like to think you've been reading some of these blogs and have taken fevered, scribbled notes in the midnight hour. Perhaps some of you have, so well done.

To make it easier, here are some quick and simple ways to reduce your sugar intake so you can get more sleep instead.

Drink water. Fizzy drinks and even fruit juice contain a fair amount of sugar. Start drinking water. It's what living beings are supposed to drink. Make it sparking or still - no matter so long as you get it down. Dehydration can lead to snacking and snacking usually means eating sugar.

Lack of sleep leads to sugar cravings too, as your body looks for some support to keep going. If you regularly have 5-6 hours sleep a night you'll get cravings that are twice as massive as Kanye's ego. So read the rest of this tomorrow. Do yourself the biggest favour (other than quitting smoking) and get more sleep.

Don't take ketchup in your fish-finger sandwich. It's full of flavourings, salt and sugar. The same goes for salad cream and the yellow peril - mayonnaise.

Snack on air. I'm joking - snack on unsalted nuts and plain yogurts.

Do it slowly. You can't expect to cut all sugar from your diet on day one. You'll go fully insane, tearing around the house looking for any form of chocolate or fizz you can find. In desperation you might even look for stray Malteasers under the sofa cushions. Don't do that to yourself. Cut down gradually. Take sugar in your tea? Cut it down to one spoonful, and then halve it the following week and so on.

Eat porridge. It's cheap, excellent for you and you can sweeten it with a banana or some strawberries. It's a great winter's day snack too. Mmmmm... Ready Brek.

Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day and stuff your face with Krispy Kremes. We all do that. It's OK on occasion, just don't do it every day. Or every other day.

When you eat pasta, use a tin of unsweetened tomatoes as your sauce rather than a shop bought jar of pasta sauce. They are often laden with sugar.

It can be hard to avoid sugar because most convenience food contains cartloads of the stuff. Cutting out sugar usually means getting organised - chopping some carrots and cucumber the night before work means you a healthy snack the following day. If you're forced to head out to Greggs you are done for.

I know it's hard to start with, but cutting the white death out of your diet will do you so much good. It really is worth the effort.

You're sweet enough - you don't need any more sugar ☺

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