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Snacking With Diabetes

Posted in Nutrition 14 Nov, 2014

As you will already be aware, dealing with diabetes is no joke; but should this prevent you having fun when you eat? Those with the condition are still normal human beings, who at some point will have a food craving between meals and require a snack that doesn't disrupt their blood sugar levels.

Similar to a standard meal, it is important to ensure whatever snack you are eating is balanced in terms of carbs, fat, protein and sugars. Your snacking should normally be between 120 to 200 calories depending on your medication and meal action plan. Eating the right snacks can ensure you get the required carbs to get you through each meal and may even help prevent a possible hypo. Below is a list of enjoyable snacks that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Good ole poppers

Who can resist the light, fluffy taste of warm popcorn? This lovely treat, when homemade, is free from additives or artificial flavorings, a little tablespoon of sugar or salt or even a mixture can help liven it up. Popcorn is high in fibre also and is usually only between 80-120 calories per serving.

B.A.M (berries, apples and melons)

Consumption of fruits is important in any diet as they provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body. When choosing what fruits to snack on, portion control is very important. Certain fruits are high in sugar but the combination of berries, apples or melons can provide a low natural sugar alternative, with all the goodness you would expect from fruits. 5-7 wedges of an apple with a couple of berries are normally about 60-90 calories.

Veggie dippers

Vegetables are naturally noted for their high mineral content and provide a good source of dietary fibre to keep the digestive system working efficiently. Using dips such as low fat cream cheese or even yoghurt provides a natural way of livening up your veggie snack. As good sources of protein and calcium, these dips can help curb hunger pangs. A handful of cucumber or carrot sticks with either dip is usually between 80-120 calories.

Polly want a cracker

As basic and conventional as it may sound, whole meal crackers with a light spread are great for filling those midday cravings. It is nutritious and high in fibre also, 5 wheat crackers with peanut butter amounts to around 120-180 calories. Tasty, and with enough carbs to see you through to lunch or dinner.

There are many other nutritious, filling snacks to choose from, so don't limit yourself when looking for that mid morning/afternoon snack. Remember to check with your doctor if these foods are suitable for you. Also take a blood glucose reading or your diabetes treatment/inhaler before engaging in any physical activity, as this will indicate whether you need to snack beforehand.

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