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Buying Prescription Medication Online: What You Should Know

Posted in OnlineClinic 28 Apr, 2015

The Internet has simply revolutionised the way we live. Whenever our servers are down, we enter a tunnel or have left our charger sitting solemnly on our desk, we panic and feel like we're missing...Read more

3 Top Tips For Surviving Cold Weather

Posted in OnlineClinic 01 Jan, 2015

Along with the seasonal festivities of Christmas and New Year unfortunately comes the harsh winter weather, which can leave many of us feeling ill and unable to fully enjoy the winter break. In...Read more

Bad bacteria: Have we found the real cause behind acne?

Posted in OnlineClinic 08 Mar, 2013

Lets face it, getting spots or suffering from skin that is acne prone, cannot only cause great distress but can also affect a person’s confidence. More still is the feeling that while your skin...Read more goes mobile with new phone-friendly site

Posted in OnlineClinic 09 Oct, 2012 is always aiming to provide their patients with the safest, most reliable service possible, which is why we’ve launched our new mobile version of this week.Read more

Is buying medication online safe?

Posted in OnlineClinic 25 Apr, 2012

Buying medication online is a relatively new concept for many people, but the prospect of using an online pharmacy can be daunting because of the unfortunate reputation that surrounds the...Read more

Welcome to the OnlineClinic Health Blog

Posted in OnlineClinic 19 Mar, 2012

Welcome to the OnlineClinic Health Blog - A premier resource for information regarding health and well being. Find out more regarding men and women's health, sexual health, quitting smoking and...Read more