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Check Your Penis To Check Your Health

Posted in Personal Health 09 Apr, 2015

The longstanding cliché about men not visiting the doctors when they need to is one that it's difficult to actually deny. For some reason we do fail to take care of ourselves properly and, according to a recent survey, women are twice as likely to visit their GP for a check-up than men are. According to that same study, even cancer helplines aimed at men are more frequently used by women, with partners, mothers or daughters more likely to call on behalf of someone close to them. So if we aren't going to the doctors, then it's important to make sure we check ourselves as much as possible – knowing the signs and reading the signals your penis gives you could lead to better health in the future.

Erectile Dysfunction

Your penis is actually a very good indicator for problems in the body, although we're assuming that that's not what you've been using it for up to now… erectile dysfunction is one of those things that can act as a warning beacon for a number of conditions – including physical issues like high cholesterol or blocked arteries. ED can even indicate mental health conditions such as depression, so if you are persistently affected by impotence it's important you consult a medical professional to try and understand the underlying cause.

Premature Ejaculation

Like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation can be a warning sign for other conditions and again those other conditions can be either mental or physical. Actually defining what 'premature' is, though, is an important part of this process and it's important to remember that it's only premature if the sexual activity has not been satisfactory for you and your partner. There isn't a minimum or maximum time sex should last. If you do feel you're experiencing premature ejaculation there are treatments that can help treat or even resolve the situation.

Blood When You Urinate

Blood in your urine is always worth checking out immediately as, according to a widely held medical ethos, blood in urine is cancer until proven otherwise. Don't panic, however, as there could be many other reasons behind this symptom. If you notice any blood at all in either your urine or in your underwear then it's important that you take the time to visit your doctor and make sure nothing sinister is going on.

A Bumpy Stretch

If you feel a lump then it's worth checking, wherever it is in your body. It's probably nothing but even so, it's better to be sure. Men aged 15 to 35 are at a higher risk of testicular cancer than any other form of cancer, and hard, painless lumps on your testes are one of the first signs. If you feel them, check them, and if you have even the slightest worry then visit your doctor. If it's caught early, this condition is around 95% curable – the biggest risk lies in waiting until it's too late.

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