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Diabetes Medication - Can it also prevent heart disease?

Posted in Personal Health 27 Mar, 2012

Type 2 diabetes is a continuingly large problem facing society. With obesity levels constantly rising, one of the biggest contributors to the disorder, patients are being prescribed Metformin more than ever to help treat diabetes. Over the last four decades it's become synonymous with treating the condition. The drug itself is designed to help the body respond to insulin production properly, while lowering blood glucose levels to a point where it's not harmful.

However it seems that the diabetes treatment may also have further health benefits according to a new Swedish study conducted in Gothenburg. Researchers from the University of Sahlgrenska Academy have shown in a preliminary study that laboratory rats being treated with Metformin showed signs that the drug had a protective effect of their hearts.

The study, published in the journal Diabetes, showed that the diabetes treatment increased the heart's pumping capacity, improved energy balance, while it reduced fat accumulation and limited the amount of heart cells lost through natural morality. After a year of treatment the effects appeared to persist, suggesting that the effects could be created long term as well.

The results of the study could have important implications for patients using diabetes drugs, as the group of medications have shown side effects relating to people with heart disease. Metformin can often not be prescribed for patients suffering from kidney failure, but the researchers hoped that their study, once also replicated in humans, will reaffirm the group of medications importance in helping diabetes sufferers.

"Our results...strengthen the indication for Metformin [sic] as a diabetes medicine, and we hope that they are now followed up with studies on actual patients," said Jörgen Isgaard, lead researcher at Sahlgrenska Academy.

If you suffer from diabetes and experience difficulty in getting your prescription, can help. Simply follow this link to our diabetes section for more information about the condition, as well as treatments.

Alternatively, if you're concerned you have developed diabetes, you can visit our partner website Labsdirect to find the appropriate home diabetes test. It's always advised that once you complete the test, you still consult your regular doctor to confirm any results.

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