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Female Face Shaving: Good Or Bad Idea?

Posted in Personal Health 03 Sep, 2015

Face shaving for women is an emerging trend. Some are shaving because they have hair issues they'd rather not have, but some are shaving as part of a beauty regime. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor allegedly did it, and they looked great. Although I suspect that's more down to good genes and a healthy diet.

How To Do It

You'll need to get a facial razor; these are blunter than your old Bic which you really ought to replace. Then use water and a lubrication on your face. Experts say that shaving foam is better than soap as it's slipperier and some have antiinflammatory ingredients too.

You can shave in the direction of hair growth, or against it for a closer cut. Shaving in the shower is recommended because it opens pores and softens hair.

Pros of face shaving

  • Shaving exfoliates your skin really well because it removes the top layer of superficial skin cells. Some dermatologists think this is why men can look younger than women they simply perform a really great exfoliation on their faces every day.
  • If you want to remove hair then shaving is cheap, easy, and it doesn't hurt. You're less likely to have allergies to products as well. Waxing creams and strips can annoy sensitive skin no end.
  • Makeup sits better on smoother skin.
  • It can also reduce spots and blemishes because oil, sebum, sweat and makeup are not trapped under the hairs.

Cons of face shaving

  • Getting ready in the morning is already a royal pain, especially when you have children, a long commute, and not enough sleep. Shaving your face is yet another task to accomplish. You're probably better off having a decent breakfast instead.
  • Once you do it some women say you have to keep doing it forever, because the hairs grow back and they are sharper and darker than the wispy peach fuzz that was there before. HOWEVER, experts say this doesn't happen.


How will this trend will affect those with hirsuitism? Women with polycystic ovary syndrome can develop facial hair which they may remove or leave, depending on their preference. It's certainly not the standard 'norm', whatever that is, for women to sport facial hair.

Although hirsut women are not paraded at the circus anymore, unkind 'hairshaming' words are often sent in their direction. Will a trend of faceshaving for women help? Possibly. It may make the subject less taboo, but on the other hand what are women actually doing when they shave? They are removing hair they think shouldn't be there.

A Safe Beauty Treatment

Face shaving has to one of the less dangerous beauty treatments out there, unless you have really shaky hands and slippery shower floor. At least you aren't injecting your body with chemicals or undergoing a general anaesthetic.

Face shaving for women seems pretty harmless. If you have the time and inclination give it a shot if it makes you feel good. Perhaps it'll help you marry a load of rich men and iconically stand over a hot air vent a la Marilyn and Liz.

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