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Enjoyable Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Posted in Personal Health 15 Sep, 2015

High blood pressure is dangerous. It puts a strain on your body that often leads to heart disease and stroke. Some forms of dementia are associated with high blood pressure, and it can also cause kidney disease.

If you suffer from high blood pressure it's imperative to lower it. 14th to 20th September is Know Your Numbers! week, so it's the perfect time to get your blood pressure checked and start improving your health.

What Is Healthy Blood Pressure?

Anything below 120/80 is a healthy blood pressure reading because there's a much lower risk of heart disease. If yours is lower then that's good. In general the lower your blood pressure is the better.

There are usually no obvious symptoms of high blood pressure and the only way to find out is to ask your GP to measure it.

How To Lower Blood Pressure

Vet Pets

Not when they deliberately roll in fox poo, run backwards on the carpet to make a long trail of sick, or bite you because you smell of carrots, admittedly, but research shows that stroking a pet lowers blood pressure. Recent research identifies fish tanks as great blood pressure reducers too. Researchers revealed that the more fish you watch, the better the results. No wonder cats are always so chilled out.

Just insure your pets against extortionate vet bills or all that good work is undone.


Mindfulness is a way of thinking. It lowers blood pressure in the same way that meditation does. To do it, you simply concentrate on the present time. Peeling potatoes? Feel the skin, smell the dirt and listen to the slicing knife. You don't have room to think of much else and your blood pressure relaxes as a result.


It goes without saying that a holiday relaxes you. A change from the ordinary is sometimes enough, even just a day trip. This is simply a break from your stresses, highlighting how important that work life balance is. Our adrenaline response builds stress, which raises our heart rate and blood pressure. It's a fight or flight reaction, it's not supposed to be permanently turned on like Robin Thick(e).

Enough Rest

Sleeping less than 7 hours interferes with your body processes. It's hard I know, but make time for sleep. You'll notice the difference and still fit everything in because your waking time is more productive. Parents of small children may have to try the other suggestions for a few years, but the research is undeniable. Sleep helps you avoid colds, stops you putting on weight, keeps you smiling, and can reduce your blood pressure. We all need more of it.

And now the other stuff...

Lose weight. Urgh. Get some exercise - keep reading or I'll tell your nan. DO NOT smoke. These are the big three. If you don't sort these out then you're at risk of high blood pressure, misery and death no matter how many fish you look at.

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