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Signs Your Asthma Is Out Of Control

Posted in Personal Health 15 Jun, 2015

Do you have asthma or know someone who does? Are you, or they, taking symptoms seriously? If not, the Breathe Easy Week campaigners want a serious word with the millions of people who are putting themselves at risk through not controlling their asthma adequately. The campaign takes place from 15th to 21st June, so look out for lung health and awareness events taking place all over the country.

Asthma Can Kill You

In the UK three people a day die from asthma, despite it usually being a controllable condition. If you have the right asthma medication and information you will be able to manage an attack, or even avoid one altogether. But if you haven't had a check up recently, delay picking up your prescriptions or constantly forget to take your inhaler out with you, then you are in danger.

Why? What Might Happen?

You might die for starters, or end up in hospital, be completely terrified, panic your family and friends and be weak for days after.

How To Stay Safe

  • Don't smoke. Smoking narrows your airways, clogs them up, and makes you more susceptible to an asthma attack. It's one of the main triggers for asthma.
  • Take your preventative inhaler properly. The medicine builds up over time to keep you safe.
  • Keep your reliever inhaler to hand, and keep more than one at the ready. By your bed, in your bags, in the car are good places to keep them. If you need to take this more than three times a week then your asthma may be getting out of hand, and you need a check up. Book an appointment after you've finished reading this.
  • Check your inhalers for damp or damage as regularly as possible.
  • Do you have a runny nose when you don't have a cold? This is allergic rhinitis and may prompt an asthma attack. Again, see your asthma nurse or GP.
  • Keep or get to a healthy weight. If your BMI is over 30 then you need to lose some pounds. Obesity increases the chances of an attack.
  • Create an asthma plan. An asthma plan should be written in conjunction with your doctor. It helps you to prevent and manage your symptoms. If you wait for a full-blown attack without any preparation then you may end up hospitalised. Thinking in advance is good sense - you'll know what to do.

Severe Asthma

Some unfortunate folk have severe asthma, which is when their asthma symptoms are therapy resistant or difficult to treat for a number of reasons. These people are at risk of regularly having severe life-threatening symptoms.

Good medical care is vital for severe asthma. There are many treatments and a variety of approaches that can help severe asthma sufferers regain a good quality of life. If you are not properly controlling your asthma at the moment, you may end up with severe asthma.

Most Asthma Deaths in the UK Are Preventable.

Don't end up as one of the 3 deaths a day statistic. The 'I can't be bothered to manage my asthma' club is not a group you want to belong to. Although if you do, I guess you can swap numbers, Twitter usernames and Facebook details in casualty.

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