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Come And Hair This Honey

Posted in Personal Health 10 Mar, 2015

Medically known as 'androgenic alopecia', hair loss has long been the bane of men everywhere. Although it is not possible to pinpoint exactly why certain men suffer from it, it is suggested that genetic factors play the biggest role in the loss of hair. The variation of a gene known as 'AR' is widely suggested to be present in those who suffer from male pattern hair loss. As androgen receptors allow the body to respond to dihydrotestosterone, it is believed this 'AR' gene leads to an increased activity of these receptors. Additionally, medical conditions such as heart disease or even high blood pressure can contribute to the condition.

So with various treatments available to help reverse hair loss, what other methods can help treat this condition? Latest reports have suggested that a substance from honeybee hives called 'propolis' can help; a naturally produced substance used to coat their hives, propolis is usually used to treat infections from wounds but is also now being said to have hair regrowth properties.

Tested on mice that were shaved, scientists from a university in Japan claimed that the mice that had the 'proplolis' substance applied on them grew back their fur faster than those who didn't receive the application. The topical substance is not said to have any known adverse effects so far and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Although further testing is necessary, it is good to find a positive progress in the treatment of male pattern baldness.

So what can actions can be taken by men suffering from male pattern baldness in the meantime? Fortunately, there is prescription medication designed solely to help reverse hair loss in men suffering from the condition. Propecia helps to block the enzyme responsible for shortening and thinning the hair. Whilst more research is being undergone in regards to 'proplolis' and its hair growing effects, it would be beneficial for men who require immediate help to try out proven treatments in an attempt to reverse the fortunes of their hair.

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