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How Do People Become Obese?

Posted in Personal Health 21 Oct, 2015

So 50% of us are on the fast track to obesity, according to the research. It makes me wonder what one half of the population is doing that the other isn't?


'Never Eat Shredded Wheat' might not be the most helpful mnemonic in an obese world, but other geographical issues might shed some light. Researchers found that those living in an area with a high-density of fast food outlets had a higher obesity rate. Interestingly, for men, the number of fast food places near their workplace was also a big factor in weight levels. Convenience - it'll do us all in. Make sandwiches instead!

Personal Choice

Well yes, some people can't be bothered to eat well and exercise. Motor-mouth Katie Hopkins recently gained 43 pounds and lost it again just to prove her point that 'fat people are lazy'.

Lack of Education

Schools don't really do Home Economics anymore do they? How can children be expected to cook carrots and runner beans when they never see their parents do it and their teacher doesn't either? For some kids, a microwave beep heralds every meal and that's a profoundly sad state of affairs.

Poverty Gap

Studies show time and time again that a lower socio-economic status - that's poorer people - are more likely to become obese. Is it because sugary fat-laden processed meals are cheaper than fresh foods?

Stress and Depression

Overeating is a symptom of stress and clinical depression has indeed been positively linked with higher BMIs. One study found that 'anxious' middle class individuals are experiencing a significant rise in obesity. Is that because they're under pressure to achieve everything at once?

Food Options

I'm not being too harsh when I say that supermarkets offer some very low quality foods. When you consider what goes into their convenience meals its no wonder the back end of the nation resembles two moons fighting in a G-string. I looked at some pre-packed ham last week that had 6% meat. What on earth was the other 94%?

Why Shouting 'Eat Less' Doesn't Work

Many diets endorsed and promoted by celebrities are simply calorie starvation expensive cons that feed your desire to eat. This craving is thought to be a throwback to our caveman days when food was scarce, so we'd constantly look for more.

And not only that, a lot of studies have shown that obese folk who lose weight will usually put it back on. That's because your body chemistry adapts and always tries to maintain your current (obese) weight. Fighting body chemistry is very difficult, as all of you with a Monty Don crush will understand. Ahem.

It's estimated that Britain paid out £47 billion to treat obesity last year, which is higher than spending on terrorism and wars. If we don't make changes now, our health service will be even more overburdened.

I wonder how long it will be before the svelte half of our nation catches up on the fat scale? Perhaps when we've chopped down all our natural oxygenating environments, bred our animals into fat-covered heartbeats, poisoned all our fish and built over all the soil we'll have no option but to eat the obesity-promoting processed stuff, and then Katie Hopkins will be the only thin person left on earth.

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