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5 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Penis

Posted in Personal Health 24 Mar, 2015

Some of us spend up to nine and a half hours a week exercising, not only to optimise our fitness levels but also the way we look. We take supplements to improve our sleep, vitamins to boost our mental wellbeing and maybe even invest in a particular conditioner we know will be perfect for our facial hair. However, when it comes to the various systems keeping us in working order, the standard MOTs are often forgotten. What about that one organ that gives you ultimate pleasure? How can you improve the health of your penis?

Beat it!

The power of the egg has certainly been publicised; packed full of nutrients, they can reduce the risk of heart disease and help you lose weight by keeping you fuller for longer. This goodness translates into your sexual wellbeing as well. Eggs are packed full of vitamin B that happens to be essential for your sex drive and muscle strength in the bedroom. Swap your cereal for a scrambled egg in the morning and let us know if you notice a difference.

Time for a spring clean

As with anything else, if you don't maintain and treat it with tender loving care, you will find your penis failing you - not just in terms of performance, but it could affect your general health too. In particular, research by The American Cancer Society has discovered a strong link between smegma and your risk of contracting penile cancer. So now you have the perfect excuse to take an extra 10 minutes in the shower. Get cleaning!

No smoke without fire

There are absolutely no pluses when it comes to smoking. A dead cert (excuse the pun) in reducing your lifespan, it can also significantly affect your sex life. If you've seen the ads, then you'll know that smoking is bad news for your erection. The fact of the matter is, it's never too late to quit and improve your sex life in the process.

Tone down the technology

We spend more time than ever using technology, instead of communicating face-to-face, these days. This is affecting our memory spans, eyesight and social development - we simply aren't talking enough anymore! But how can technology damage my penis, you might wonder? In fact, balancing a laptop on your knees for a prolonged length of time can raise the temperature of your scrotum by 2.5 degrees, which in turn reduces fertility. Most of us spend our days staring at computers. Learn how to switch off from your screen and reap the benefits.

Stay away from the fizz

If you've ever seen what a fizzy drink does to a dirty penny then that offers a pretty clear indication of its effect on your body. Other than decaying your teeth and having a bad influence on the rest of your diet, studies have shown that those who drink 34 ounces of Pepsi Max per week (that's the equivalent of 7 litre bottles) could reduce their total sperm count by up to 30%.

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