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Knowing Your Asthma Triggers

Posted in Personal Health 06 Feb, 2015

Asthma triggers, and the extent to which they affect an individual, vary from case to case. One of the most important ways to manage your condition, as someone who experiences asthma, is to know which triggers affect you personally. Knowing, for example, that your symptoms are triggered by exposure to dust or dogs is an excellent way of limiting the likelihood of potentially harmful or uncomfortable symptoms arising. Here are a few of the most common triggers:

Exercise – According to research, exercise can be a strong asthma trigger because it combines environments that can often lead to symptoms – like fields and smoggy streets – with constant aerobic activity. Jogging in particular is highlighted by some experts as it almost exclusively takes place outdoors.

Pets – According to Asthma UK, if your condition is triggered by animals then you probably have what is known as 'allergic asthma'. Working in the exact same way as any other form of asthma, interaction with the hairs of the animals – and it is not exclusive to any one breed of type – causes the airways to swell and for symptoms of asthma to begin.

Energy Efficient Houses – A combination of circumstances mean that energy efficient homes could contribute to triggering asthma. Research from the University of Exeter found that residents in more energy efficient home could sometimes be at increased risk of developing the condition. The study pointed to bad heating and ventilation as a main reason, and went on to say that, if a house had mould – which is often caused by poor ventilation, cold, and moist air – researchers have shown that residents living in energy efficient homes may be more likely to develop asthma, with an increased risk of around 50%.

Knowing your triggers is one of the most important parts of managing your condition. Realising when you might suffer from symptoms and what might trigger them is one of the best ways to keep on top of asthma.

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