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Why light exercise might be just right

Posted in Personal Health 01 Feb, 2013

For many people wanting to lose weight or include exercises in their regime, an image of 60 minutes high intensity workouts five days a week comes to most minds. However according to the Daily Mail, a new study has suggested that light and less strenuous exercises, which provide short burst of energy could be just as effective. Moreover, the study suggests that light exercise can also help to prevent conditions that can arise due to a lack of exercise.

This is welcoming news for those who are intimidated with the sight of a gym membership or fear the brutality that a strict exercise regime can cause.

The study

Statistics from the study showed that 43% of people who did light exercises, which included doing household chores, subsequently still met the government’s physical recommended 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. This was in contrast to those that worked out in the gym, which amounted to less than 10%.

Light Exercises

As opposed to spending hours pounding away on the treadmill, Professor Brad Cardinal claims that lighter exercises in what he terms as more natural exercises such as household chores, normal everyday tasks like raking the leaves and taking a walk while on your phone or a bike ride all created the same benefits as regular high impact exercise thus contributed to cardiovascular exercise.

The Study

Professor Brad Cardinal argues that natural exercises thus making moderate exercise a way of life was “cost effective than an expensive gym membership”. Tips he gave included, doing exercises in front of the TV during the commercials, and ditching the car and choosing to ride or walk to your destination.

Health benefits

Perhaps more positive is Professor Brad Cardinal claims that light exercise when accumulated together can fight off disorders that can evidently increase the risk of health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

The convenience

The fact that this study is claiming that short burst of energy from light exercises such as walking or doing household chores still provides benefits is highly encouraging. It also means that if you have children, have a hectic work schedule, or are newly starting an exercise regime and want to start off slow, news such as this gives you the confidence that a little exercise can go a long way.

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