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3 Myths About The Flu

Posted in Personal Health 11 Dec, 2014

Winter is well and truly here, and it's a time of festivities and celebrations. Unfortunately, however, it is also the season when people tend to catch colds and flu more frequently.

In this blog we will expose a few of the most widespread myths about the flu.

1. Is the flu the same as a cold?

Contrary to popular belief, the flu is in actual fact a lot worse than a cold. The symptoms and complications can be severe, and the virus can affect you suddenly without warning. Whilst a cold may leave you coughing and sneezing, flu symptoms include headache, high fever, muscle pains and can even lead to you ending up hospital with pneumonia. Moreover, whilst a cold may only last a few days, the flu can put you out of action for weeks.

2. Can having the flu vaccine make me get the flu?

This is another myth, often conjured up when someone who has undergone the flu jab experiences respiratory symptoms soon after, which in actual fact are probably the result of a cold. Whilst it is true that the vaccine contains the flu virus, it is important to remember that this version of the virus is inactive so cannot actually give you the flu.

3. Will the flu vaccine makes me immune for life?

Another misconception those having a flu vaccination may hold is that they will be protected against the flu forever. However, the flu viruses can change and evolve every year, meaning you must undergo a new vaccine every time a new virus is detected to ensure you are immune to the latest strain.

For more information regarding the flu and ways you can protect yourself, visit our flu information page.

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