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OnlineClinic comes to the aid of Xenical patients

Posted in Personal Health 30 Aug, 2012

For much of this year, reports about problems with Xenical stock levels have been causing concern and there is still no clear indication of when Xenical will be available again. The stock issues have also affected other products that use the active ingredient orlistat such as Alli, which has meant that many people who used these treatments to supplement their weight loss regimes were left without an alternative option. This is largely due to the fact that, in the UK, the only prescription weight loss treatment available is Xenical, or its generic version, Orlistat.

What does Xenical do?

The orlistat in Xenical aids weight loss by preventing the breakdown of fats during the digestion process so that the body isn't able to absorb it like it normally would. It can do that with up to a third of the fat you consume per meal. It's normally recommended that it be taken with every meal containing fat, however, although this should always be done alongside a balanced diet and exercise. You can get more information about how exactly the medication works by visiting our Xenical treatment page.

What's new on Xenical?

It's still not entirely known what exactly the issues were that affected Xenical's manufacturer, Roche, but it has been rumoured that it was the result of production standards. This does not mean, however, that there is any need for concern regarding the safety of the medication. When we did our first reports on the situation it was thought that Xenical would be back in stock by the end of July, however this date was postponed to September although there has been no final confirmation yet.

When will Orlistat be available?

Unlike other popular treatments such as Viagra or Cialis, the generic version of Xenical is perfectly legal to manufacture as it's not protected under patent laws. This means that most manufacturers that are producing Orlistat are doing so within regulations. This is why OnlineClinic have been able to find a manufacturer of genuine orlistat to provide their patients with their much-needed treatment again. Orlistat will be available from OnlineClinic in early September, however, please feel free to post any questions you have regarding Xenical or Orlistat below or contact our customer support team.


  • natashaMonday, Sep 03, 2012

    I have a prescription from my gp for xenical. When will i be able to get this? many thanx

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