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8 Weight Loss Shortcuts That Work

Posted in Personal Health 22 Jul, 2015

Eating well and exercising is the key to losing weight, but there are some quick, safe and easy ways you can lose weight too. They are handy because if you are results driven you'll want to see weight falling off pretty quickly. To avoid becoming de-motivated, try these.

No Food After The Watershed

When the nudey scenes come on TV - stop eating. Nakedness in Game of Thrones was probably enough to keep you from the fridge, so keep that momentum going. Calories past 9pm usually turn into fat, and by that point you are not likely to burn off any more.

Drink Water

Make it fizzy, put in some orange juice, and just get that water down your neck. Not only is it good for your body, skin and brain, it also fills you up and beats hunger pangs. Brain signals that you are thirsty can be mistaken for hunger signs. So get hydrated, even if it means more trips to the lav.

Interval Training

Instead of forcing yourself to run non-stop until you are on the brink of collapse, exercise in short sharp bursts. This burns more calories. It also gives you time to regain your breath and wipe away sweat in case Prince Harry walks past.

Give Up Wine

And beer and cider for a month. Calories in alcohol are higher than your MP's salary. If you give up that bottle of red and 12 Babychams each week you'll consume considerably less and therefore lose weight. Don't panic, it's not forever.

Eat Protein

Protein keeps you feeling full for longer and reduces snackage. If you eat Greek yogurt (not Greek style) your Kinder Egg craving might not materialise. And speaking of eggs, they are a great source of protein, as is meat, tofu and nuts.

Sleep More

If you sleep properly for around 8 hours your hunger hormones will remain under control. Missing sleep kick-starts the hunger hormone ghrelin, which increases your desire to eat a whole loaf of white bread. You'll be less likely to need sugar boosts too. Plus if you are asleep, you are not snacking.

If You Are Hungry, Eat

Just don't eat crisps. Have an apple, or a kiwi, or a low fat yogurt. This keeps your body sugar stable and prevents pig-outs. Eating also boosts your mood. Everyone is miserable when they're starving hungry, and that undermines your determination to lose weight.

Eat Breakfast

I know you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why are you skipping it? Breakfast stabilises your blood sugar and gives you energy to face the daylight hours. Eat breakfast, skip supper. Even if it means you need to get up ten minutes earlier.

If you need more motivation, then think about the problems that obesity causes. By losing weight you will boost your health and prevent illness such as incontinence, diabetes, depression and heart disease. Look upon your calorie-laden lunch as the instigator of your muffin top rather than a delicious pick me up.

Oh and one last thing. Don't keep naughty food in the house. If you haven't got it, you can't eat it. Stash away an emergency low-fat hot chocolate instead.

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