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What Happens To Your Vagina When You Get Old?

Posted in Personal Health 17 Sep, 2015

Our poor vaginas really do have a hard life. They give birth, bleed every month, and often have their hair violently ripped out. Is it any wonder that, as we age, our vaginas end up a little worse for wear?

What might happen you ask? Take a big breath, this may get messy.


Calling a woman 'dried up' refers to vaginal dryness caused by menopause. It's a centuries old insult. As we age the menopause does horrible things to us. A dry vagina is just one of them. Oestrogen levels keep our vaginas lubricated, but when oestrogen fades the taps are turned off.

What You Can Do

There are great vaginal lubricants on the market. If you're having menopause issues then speak to your doctor who can advise on treatment. You don't need to suffer.

More Yeast Infections

Oh great, thrush! Itching, burning, itching and burning. It drives you crazy. More yeast infections are due to falling oestrogen levels again - it upsets the bacteria in your vagina more than a cheap tea-tree shower gel.

What You Can Do

Ask a pharmacist for a pessary and cream. You can try a PH neutral vaginal wash too, but a trip to the doctors' might be in order if it's occurring all the time.


Lots of sex won't make your poor vagina baggy, but your vagina may start to look different as you age. If you're a contortionist this might worry you. Everything down there will become wrinkled and thinner. Just as your mouth lips will change, so will your vulva's lips - but it doesn't affect your physical health.

What You Can Do

Some women have labioplasty for reconstruction, but you're better off not worrying about it.

The Incredible Shrinking Vagina

Yes your vagina can shrink, shrivel up and disappear. OK she won't disappear, but as we age oestrogen levels drop and the uterus gets smaller. The vaginal passage can shrink too, causing dryness, itching, and an irritation more infuriating than snail-speed Internet. All this can lead to atrophic vaginitis, which causes vaginal wall bleeding and pain.

What You Can Do

Oestrogen treatment (HRT) can help, as can a busy sex life. It's a case of use it or lose it.

Uterus Falling Out - Eek!

Falls are common as we age, but your vagina falling down is a horrifying prospect. Prolapse, as it's medically known, is when the uterus, rectum or bladder falls into the vagina.

What You Can Do

Don't freak.

Kegel exercise (pelvic floor) can help with mild prolapse. If the prolapse is severe then a removable device such as a supportive pessary is helpful, or surgery to tuck the offending body part back into place. Sometimes a hysterectomy is recommended.

We moisturise our hair and face every day, but barely think about our vaginas except to wonder if they smell, so how about we give them a break, accept our body changes and seek medical help if we need it? I think we'll be happier all round.

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