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Are Women Being Bullied Into Having Babies?

Posted in Personal Health 25 Aug, 2015

When to have a baby, if at all, is the big question for women. All women worry about whether it's the right time, whether it's the wrong time, whether it's the optimum time, or whether they should...Read more

Is The Diaphragm Making A Comeback?

Posted in Personal Health 13 Aug, 2015

A diaphragm is not just difficult to spell, it's also pretty difficult to use, or so I've been told. Good news then that it's been redesigned. The basic design has been used as contraception...Read more

Why Weighing Yourself Is Pointless

Posted in Personal Health 04 Aug, 2015

I avoid scales like American multi-national companies avoid paying UK tax, and it looks like I'm on to a good thing. Generally speaking, as long as my backside is smaller than my waist I'm happy....Read more

Links Between Obesity And Incontinence

Posted in Personal Health 23 Jul, 2015

Obesity is the bane of modern life, along with Kim Kardashian, mortgage rate hikes, and motorway congestion. It's a contributor to, if not the instigator of, diabetes, heart disease, depression and...Read more

8 Weight Loss Shortcuts That Work

Posted in Personal Health 22 Jul, 2015

Eating well and exercising is the key to losing weight, but there are some quick, safe and easy ways you can lose weight too. They are handy because if you are results driven you'll want to see...Read more

Obesity Debate: Embrace Your Curves Or Acknowledge The Problem?

Posted in Personal Health 30 Jun, 2015

You've probably heard the words 'obesity crisis' in relation to the increasing number of overweight people in the UK. However, as much as obesity is recognised as a problem, an epidemic even, there...Read more