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Managing Diabetes During Ramadan

Posted in Personal Health 25 Jun, 2015

Many Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan from sunrise to sunset. It's not a whole month of constant starving, but controlled eating and drinking, which only happens after dark. Read more

Will Science Prevent The Obesity Crisis?

Posted in Personal Health 23 Jun, 2015

Some science has been undertaken that may halt the obesity crisis. This report may as well have been titled 'The human race is now completely unable to take care of itself.' Have we become so...Read more

Is The Male Midlife Crisis Real?

Posted in Personal Health 17 Jun, 2015

He's having a 'mid life crisis' is a common criticism of our forty-something men-folk. Buying a Harley, shouting 'That's Not Music!' to your surly teenager or having an affair will usually label...Read more

Signs Your Asthma Is Out Of Control

Posted in Personal Health 15 Jun, 2015

Do you have asthma or know someone who does? Are you, or they, taking symptoms seriously? If not, the Breathe Easy Week campaigners want a serious word with the millions of people who are putting...Read more

Could Your Tampon Kill You?

Posted in Personal Health 08 Jun, 2015

As far as scary things go, tampons don't rate alongside rabid bats, Castle Greyskull, or 1920 Nosferatu films, but tampons are more likely to kill you. Alongside toxic shock syndrome we have to...Read more

Toxic Shock! TSS and Tampon Alert Day

Posted in Personal Health 04 Jun, 2015

Here's one for your diary. June 8th is Tampon Alert Day. The emergency services are drafting in more personnel to cover the potential crisis. It's going to be like War of the Worlds, except tampons...Read more