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Know About Cholesterol? It's Life-Saving Pop Quiz Time

Posted in Personal Health 08 Oct, 2015

Oooh, look! It's a pop quiz! No don't groan, feign period pains, or pretend you couldn't revise because a sinkhole opened outside your front door last night (it happens), we're not at school...Read more

How Mental Health Affects Physical Health

Posted in Personal Health 07 Oct, 2015

It's World Mental Health Day on 10th October. At any one time, 4 in 10 adults are experiencing a mental health problem in the UK. This means that, every day, millions of people are struggling with...Read more

How Your Boobs Change With Age

Posted in Personal Health 01 Oct, 2015

Boobs are great. They look fantastic whatever size and give men something to think about. I'm surprised there wasn't a national day of mourning when The Sun decided to finish up page 3. Our...Read more

What Happens To Your Vagina When You Get Old?

Posted in Personal Health 17 Sep, 2015

Our poor vaginas really do have a hard life. They give birth, bleed every month, and often have their hair violently ripped out. Is it any wonder that, as we age, our vaginas end up a little worse...Read more

Enjoyable Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Posted in Personal Health 15 Sep, 2015

High blood pressure is dangerous. It puts a strain on your body that often leads to heart disease and stroke. Some forms of dementia are associated with high blood pressure, and it can also cause...Read more

Female Face Shaving: Good Or Bad Idea?

Posted in Personal Health 03 Sep, 2015

Face shaving for women is an emerging trend. Some are shaving because they have hair issues they'd rather not have, but some are shaving as part of a beauty regime. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth...Read more