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Why Are Gay Men Still Not Using Condoms?

Posted in Sexual Health 22 Oct, 2015

Condoms are one little invention that deserve more acclaim than they get. This little latex bag prevents pregnancy and can even save a life. They are cheap to buy and often free from clinics, so...Read more

Is it a UTI or an STI?

Posted in Sexual Health 27 Aug, 2015

UTI, STI, ABC, XYZ, our private areas are still places of mystery despite us owning them for some time now. When we get problems down there it's as much fun as chewing off your own arm. The...Read more

Can Coffee Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Posted in Sexual Health 29 Jul, 2015

Brits love a good old cup of coffee, and now they are going to love it even more. Coffee is not quite up there with tea in my book, but it's still one of our nation's favourite drinks, along...Read more

Vaginas - What Can Go Wrong?

Posted in Sexual Health 15 Jul, 2015

Vaginas, vagina, vaginas. Are you giggling? You might not be after you've read what can go wrong with them… Read more

6 Causes Of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Posted in Sexual Health 29 Jun, 2015

It's probable that inspecting your vaginal discharge is not usually at the top of your to-do list. Pay bills…check, call Mum…check, have a look at vaginal discharge… umm... not quite....Read more

Teenagers Watching Porn: What Should We Do?

Posted in Sexual Health 09 Jun, 2015

The easy access teenagers have to online porn is a recent development, but one that's here to stay. The all-conquering internet is a firmly ingrained benefit of our daily lives, but it has brought...Read more