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Can Coffee Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Posted in Sexual Health 29 Jul, 2015

Brits love a good old cup of coffee, and now they are going to love it even more.

Coffee is not quite up there with tea in my book, but it's still one of our nation's favourite drinks, along with Satan's newest guise - energy drinks. And maybe Ribena. But I digress. A new study shows that coffee is supposed to help erections! Many of us have known this for ages, but it's great news for men (and women) out there who are suffering because of erectile dysfunction.

So let's find out if Costa may be responsible for the skyrocketing birth rate and overpopulation of the planet.

How Does It Help?

Coffee makes your brain stand to attention, and it appears that's not the only thing. Heh.

University of Texas researchers discovered that men who drank at least two cups of coffee each day had a 42 % reduction of erectile dysfunction. Yee-haw!

It's thought that caffeine relaxes arteries, so blood flow can increase. In my experience it also switches the brain on to full alert too, and that probably helps because erections are fatally affected by the brain. One thought along the lines of "Christ, it's not working", "is it in yet?" or "I hope we've got enough milk" and your evening is kyboshed.

I wonder if it helps women get in the mood too? Perhaps it does, because without caffeine I am certainly not up for it. If caffeine gets the blood pumping all over perhaps the clitoris is affected in the same way a penis is. I bet that research never happens though. The clitoris is definitely the poor relation.

I'm digressing again, back to the study...

How Much Coffee Is Required?

In the study the men drank 85 - 170mgs of caffeine and experienced a 42% reduction of erectile dysfunction. Interestingly men who drank 171 - 303mg had 39 % reduction. That's still an improvement, but not as much as with the lesser amounts of caffeine. It could be that too much caffeine starts to affect blood flow in other ways.

That's all very interesting you say, but how much is 85-170mgs? Well the NHS, that bastion of reliable information, reckons there's about 100mgs in one mug of instant coffee. You'll have to do your own calculations from there, I'm more of an arts person.

Anything Else?

The study showed that coffee helped erectile dysfunction in the overweight, the high blood-pressured and obese men, but it didn't do a thing for men with diabetes.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is linked to several factors, including:

  • Poor diet
  • Physical inactivity
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Mental health issues

If you are suffering from penis trouble then don't just start drinking coffee. You may be covering up a medical condition that needs treatment. That said - making yourself and your partner a coffee might give you an erection that could crack ice. Just don't be tempted to drink Coke or energy drinks instead, or you may undo all that good work by loading yourself up with diabetes-inducing sugar.

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