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Contraception Through The Ages

Posted in Sexual Health 12 May, 2015

In recent decades, we've been provided with various contraceptive methods to help prevent against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. With so much information and contraceptive forms available it's hard to believe that there is still such a high rate of teen pregnancy and STIs in the UK and in certain parts of Europe. The ONS (Office of National Statistics) states that around 24,000 of known pregnancies in 2013 were by women under the age of 18.

Advances in science and technology have provided us with these new forms of contraceptive methods, but it has not always been like this. Below is an infographic with a brief history of the creative forms of contraception used by women through the ages. It is seriously doubtful that some of the techniques used would pass health and safety regulations in this day and age, but it is still useful to have an understanding of just how far the world has developed since then.

Contraception Through The Ages

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