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Young Couples Using Cling Film & Sandwich Bags As Contraceptives

Posted in Sexual Health 21 Aug, 2014

What on earth are these people doing? Surely, times can't be that hard. Even if they are, did nobody tell them contraception is freely available at sexual health clinics or through a local GP? More worryingly, who's been spreading the myth about using cling film, latex gloves and plastic sandwich bags as an alternative to contraceptives? If the results of a recent survey are true, these individuals need to seriously go back to school and attend sex education lessons.

What were they thinking?

Recently, Bayer Healthcare carried out a survey of 1500 British women aged between 25-34. A quarter of them revealed they had heard of people using all sorts of strange methods of contraception, including cling film, latex gloves and sandwich bags.

There's no need to bother writing about whether cling film and sandwich bags are effective contraceptives. You all know the answer. The only saving grace is at least these women weren't using foil paper or anything else more from the kitchen. If they were, I'd prefer not to know anymore. Perhaps a lot of guys are at fault here for telling their partners about cling film? After all, having sex is a joint decision. I can't imagine cling film condoms ever catching on though.

Can you even try to imagine how this conversation went down?

Man: "I didn't bring a condom tonight, sorry. What shall we do now?"
Woman: "Don't worry babe. Let me go grab some cling film from the kitchen."
Man: "Huh? You want to wrap me up and perform a bondage scene?"
Woman: "No. I heard cling film is pretty safe to use as a contraceptive."

I think it's time to terminate this conversation before it gets more awkward.

Oh wait, the results get worse

10% of participants thought it was impossible to get pregnant during your period while 17% of women have trusted the withdrawal method in the past. Unfortunately, this form of contraception is not as effective as young people think, particularly when used incorrectly. Research suggests that for every 100 women using this method, 27 will get pregnant. As for getting pregnant during your period, this is certainly possible due to variations in cycle length and the fact that sperm can survive for three to five days, so the 10% need to get their facts straight.

With that in mind, perhaps its expected then that 30% of the women have since resorted to using the morning after pill. Nonetheless, it's quite surprising that a lot of them had not heard of the contraceptive patch or ring.

These outrageous admissions come amidst claims that better communication is needed between GPs and young women to help understand the different kinds of contraceptives available. Of those surveyed, only 58% said their GP had talked them through all the options.

Lack of awareness around different contraceptives

Unsurprisingly, the pill proved to be the most popular choice with 48% of the women saying it was their main choice of contraception. However, due to a lack of knowledge of other contraceptive methods, it seemed to be their default choice.

Director of health and wellbeing at sexual health charity FPA, Natika Halil, told MailOnline: "This research highlights some important knowledge gaps and misconceptions that continue to exist around contraception." Too right.

On a more serious note, the women who resort to using bizarre alternatives to contraception need to urgently stop taking risks with their sexual health. If you've got time to go out and buy cling film from the supermarket, you've got time to drop into a sexual health clinic, obtain contraceptives online or visit your GP.

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