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Why And How You Should Eat More Protein

Posted in General Health 10 Sep, 2015

Protein is the stuff of life. We need it for innumerable reasons. If your knowledge of protein is bit foggy from GCSE days, then read on.Read more

New Ring Can Diagnose STIs

Posted in E-Health & Technology 09 Sep, 2015

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and... oh hang on not that ring. This ring is a new invention that can detect whether you have a sexually...Read more

What Is Antibiotic Resistance And What Can We Do To Stop It?

Posted in General Health 08 Sep, 2015

Antibiotics are the saviour of our time. Along with the contraceptive pill, they have changed our world for the better. Illnesses that killed in the 1930s are now trivial to us. Major operations...Read more

Female Face Shaving: Good Or Bad Idea?

Posted in Personal Health 03 Sep, 2015

Face shaving for women is an emerging trend. Some are shaving because they have hair issues they'd rather not have, but some are shaving as part of a beauty regime. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth...Read more

Brits Are Cutting Down On Sugar, Here's How To Do It Yourself

Posted in Nutrition 02 Sep, 2015

Sugar tastes so good. Sugar is so bad for you. It so unfair! Just like a charge to take your own money from your own bank account. But it seems that us Brits are finally taking the 'new tobacco'...Read more

Are You A Mosquito Target?

Posted in Travel Health 01 Sep, 2015

Is there anyone on the planet who likes mosquitoes? Perhaps the shareholders of Deet products do, but I doubt anyone appreciates or values a mosquito if there is no monetary gain to be had. I...Read more