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Is it a UTI or an STI?

Posted in Sexual Health 27 Aug, 2015

UTI, STI, ABC, XYZ, our private areas are still places of mystery despite us owning them for some time now. When we get problems down there it's as much fun as chewing off your own arm. The...Read more

Great News! Carbs Are Making A Comeback

Posted in Nutrition 26 Aug, 2015

Low calorie carbs? No such thing. EXCEPT THERE ARE! Hold on Dr Atkins – why didn't you tell us? Seems like low calorie carbs have been the subject to a treasure hunt in recent years. We do...Read more

Are Women Being Bullied Into Having Babies?

Posted in Personal Health 25 Aug, 2015

When to have a baby, if at all, is the big question for women. All women worry about whether it's the right time, whether it's the wrong time, whether it's the optimum time, or whether they should...Read more

What Not To Say To Someone With Acne

Posted in General Health 20 Aug, 2015

Acne, not to be confused with teenage spots, is a horrible thing. Painful, embarrassing and difficult to shift - it can cause misery. There are plenty of acne-related misconceptions out there,...Read more

Is Social Smoking Still Dangerous?

Posted in General Health 19 Aug, 2015

Calling all so-called 'social smokers' - yes that's you, 'only' smoking one or two a day. Someone once said to me they weren't a smoker, except for an occasional cigarette every other day. So...Read more

Should Healthy Foods Be Subsidised?

Posted in General Health 18 Aug, 2015

Our nation's trousers are expanding. We're becoming obese and unhealthier than ever before. So should the government step in and stop us eating ourselves to death?Read more