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Is The Diaphragm Making A Comeback?

Posted in Personal Health 13 Aug, 2015

A diaphragm is not just difficult to spell, it's also pretty difficult to use, or so I've been told. Good news then that it's been redesigned. The basic design has been used as contraception...Read more

Tanning Myths - Busted

Posted in General Health 12 Aug, 2015

As a pale-skinned goddess and sultan of sunscreen, I laugh in the face of natural tanning. To look healthy I have a bottle of spray tan in the bathroom. If the pastiness is too much to bear then...Read more

Things You Don't Need The Doctor For

Posted in General Health 06 Aug, 2015

When I sit at the doctor's surgery I often hear people saying 'it's just a cold'. Well, why are you there then? People like that are the reason I can't get an appointment for two weeks, unless, of...Read more

Why Weighing Yourself Is Pointless

Posted in Personal Health 04 Aug, 2015

I avoid scales like American multi-national companies avoid paying UK tax, and it looks like I'm on to a good thing. Generally speaking, as long as my backside is smaller than my waist I'm happy....Read more

Can A High Fibre Diet Help Treat Asthma?

Posted in General Health 04 Aug, 2015

Let's talk about asthma. 5.4 million people in the UK receive treatment for asthma and it kills 3 people a day. With stats like that, it's not to be taken lightly. If you have asthma, or think...Read more

How Can Asthma Affect Your Sex Life?

Posted in General Health 30 Jul, 2015

Asthma can be very trying when you want a healthy sex life. Perhaps it's already ruining yours. When Berlin sang 'Take My Breath Away' that's not quite what they meant. Wheezing and coughing during...Read more