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Can Coffee Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Posted in Sexual Health 29 Jul, 2015

Brits love a good old cup of coffee, and now they are going to love it even more. Coffee is not quite up there with tea in my book, but it's still one of our nation's favourite drinks, along...Read more

Coke Or Energy Drinks - Which Is Worse?

Posted in General Health 28 Jul, 2015

What's your poison? Coke (It's Pepsi, is that OK?) or an energy drink? I say poison because it's just a case of which you'd prefer to make you ill. Energy drinks are more popular than Coke now. In...Read more

World Hepatitis Day: What You Should Know

Posted in General Health 27 Jul, 2015

28th July is World Hepatitis Day. How much do you know about hepatitis? Let's take a closer look. 400 million people worldwide live with hepatitis and 1.4 million people die each year from it,...Read more

Links Between Obesity And Incontinence

Posted in Personal Health 23 Jul, 2015

Obesity is the bane of modern life, along with Kim Kardashian, mortgage rate hikes, and motorway congestion. It's a contributor to, if not the instigator of, diabetes, heart disease, depression and...Read more

8 Weight Loss Shortcuts That Work

Posted in Personal Health 22 Jul, 2015

Eating well and exercising is the key to losing weight, but there are some quick, safe and easy ways you can lose weight too. They are handy because if you are results driven you'll want to see...Read more

Are We All Drug Dependent? Does It Matter?

Posted in General Health 21 Jul, 2015

I've thought about this topic a lot. I'm one of those people that will resist a paracetamol if I can. That's the problem with being a doom-monger. I'm always thinking about the end of civilisation,...Read more