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What Kind Of Health Service Do Teens Want?

Posted in E-Health & Technology 20 Jul, 2015

Do you have a child or teen that is glued to a device, be it a tablet, mobile or Xbox? Perhaps you are glued to one yourself. It makes the future of healthcare provision pretty certain, doesn't it?...Read more

Bum Problems And What To Do About Them

Posted in General Health 16 Jul, 2015

Bum - favourite word of 4 year olds, and our least favourite area to discuss with our doctor. Bum problems are manifold. Here are some of the most common issues, and what you can do to help yourself.Read more

Vaginas - What Can Go Wrong?

Posted in Sexual Health 15 Jul, 2015

Vaginas, vagina, vaginas. Are you giggling? You might not be after you've read what can go wrong with them… Read more

9 Signs That You're Not That Healthy

Posted in General Health 14 Jul, 2015

If you break your leg it's obvious that's something's wrong, but when you have itchy skin and you're tired, you may just dismiss it. But stop! Your body is telling you something. Just because it...Read more

Change Your Lifestyle, Boost Your Energy

Posted in General Health 13 Jul, 2015

Are you yawning as you read this? Hopefully it's not that you're bored already, but because no matter whether you've had 2 hours sleep or 8, you're permanently shattered. Not many of us have the...Read more

Testosterone Myths & Facts

Posted in General Health 09 Jul, 2015

Testosterone. It's the stuff you can smell at Thruxton and Brands Hatch through the smoke and chip fat. It makes you a real man; it even sounds like the word testicles. It's a favourite snack of...Read more