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Nutritionists Don't Eat These, So Why Do You?

Posted in Nutrition 08 Jul, 2015

Hey - stop right there - don't eat that snack until you've read this. I'm serious. Here's an oxymoron for you - good food tastes bad, and bad food tastes good. OK, I'm generalising but you get...Read more

How Helpful Is The New Test For IBS?

Posted in General Health 07 Jul, 2015

IBS is a term that gives us no information. Irritable means a bit annoyed. Syndrome means a group of symptoms appearing together. It sounds as though IBS is not a real illness, but say that to a...Read more

Can Gadgets Make You Fit?

Posted in E-Health & Technology 06 Jul, 2015

Let's make like George Orwell and cut through the rubbish. If you want to be fit you must eat well, quit smoking, and exercise. A gadget cannot do that for you, but what it can do is support you...Read more

Is Kissing Good For Your Health?

Posted in General Health 02 Jul, 2015

Why do we enjoy kissing? If we think about it, connecting mouths and swapping saliva whilst our tongues twine together is quite an odd concept. Other species have been known to engage in a bit of...Read more

3 Ways Fasting For Ramadan Can Benefit Your Health

Posted in General Health 01 Jul, 2015

Ramadan is well underway, and whilst the main focus should be on the spiritual aspect, fasting for 28 days can also be beneficial for your physical health. Although you might experience some water...Read more

Obesity Debate: Embrace Your Curves Or Acknowledge The Problem?

Posted in Personal Health 30 Jun, 2015

You've probably heard the words 'obesity crisis' in relation to the increasing number of overweight people in the UK. However, as much as obesity is recognised as a problem, an epidemic even, there...Read more