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Why Are Food Allergies Becoming More Common?

Posted in General Health 10 Nov, 2015

It seems that food allergies are the norm these days. Even children's party invitations come with an allergy box. This didn't seem to be the case twenty years ago, so what's going on? Have we all...Read more

How Seeing Your Dentist Could Save Your Life

Posted in Personal Health 04 Nov, 2015

We know it's important to see the dentist because toothache is even more painful than standing on Lego, but it's not just tear-inducing pain your dentist deals with - they also check for mouth...Read more

How To Have A Healthy Halloween

Posted in General Health 30 Oct, 2015

Is it possible to have a healthy Halloween? Of course it is! As with all things, it's about how you approach the subject. If you go in thinking it's all about sweets then you're setting...Read more

Is Your Phone Ruining Your Health?

Posted in E-Health & Technology 28 Oct, 2015

Which of us is complete without his or her phone? Leave it behind and there's panic stations galore. What if someone tries to call, or Joe Perry (hot flush!) updates his status on Facebook? Now...Read more

Why Are Gay Men Still Not Using Condoms?

Posted in Sexual Health 22 Oct, 2015

Condoms are one little invention that deserve more acclaim than they get. This little latex bag prevents pregnancy and can even save a life. They are cheap to buy and often free from clinics, so...Read more

How Do People Become Obese?

Posted in Personal Health 21 Oct, 2015

So 50% of us are on the fast track to obesity, according to the research. It makes me wonder what one half of the population is doing that the other isn't? Read more