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ED in the United Kingdom

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is an issue for numerous men across the UK and the world, and is usually not a topic of discussion around the dinner table. Nevertheless, it has a high priority in the satisfaction of some relationships.

The reasons for impotence vary, and can be caused by smoking, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and certain psychological reasons. Certain symptoms of these may result in a lack of blood flow to the penis. No blood flow equals no erection.

Since 2011, we've been treating thousands of men with this condition across the UK and over that time we've collected information about purchase trends in key locations across the UK. Check out which town(s) has a high impotence rate.

The stats show that London has the highest ED treatment purchase rate of the major cities at 12.2%. Perhaps this is down to a greater population level, the higher incomes, or the added stress a job in the city may bring.

In second place is Glasgow with 5.4%. Glasgow was recently voted as the UK's friendliest city, could this be a reason why? Both Glasgow and Edinburgh are also shown to have a higher percentage compared to the other English and Welsh cities (with the exception of London). It could be a pure coincidence, although further studies may help us understand the reasons why.

Brighton sits at 4.2%, whilst the midland rivalry between Manchester and Liverpool is not much of a close call, with Manchester constituting of 3.5% of the ED customers whilst Liverpool is only on 2.4% (the lowest take up of the cities surveyed).

An equal rivalry between Cardiff and Swansea is reflected not in football terms but with very close margins of 2.7% and 2.8% respectively.

Taking a closer look at London, it is clear to see the domination of orders from Central London followed by West London and North London.

This could be associated with the high average income levels, with Central London workers taking in an average of around £38,500 compared to the £23,500 collected on average by workers in East London.

Fans of a certain East London club may find it funny that their North London rivals boast a larger impotence rate.

All these regions also seem to order Pfizer's Viagra as a first choice, which could be due to its popular and trusted status. Cialis is a close second in Central London at 41%. This may indicate a swing towards Cialis as a preferred ED medication for men.

For more information about related causes and available treatments for impotence here.

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